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    Name and D.O.B. change in AMC records if father is not alive?

    Wondering how to change name and DOB in all documents? Worried if this will create any problem in applying for issuing pension of deceased parent? On this ask Expert page check out responses to your query.

    My father is deceased ex service man and in his discharge book my name and DOB was incorrect and my all other documents are correct. Will name and DOB give any problem in issuing family pension to me since I am dependent son and my mother is also not alive.

    Can you suggest me what to do and what is the procedure for changing name and DOB?
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  • Since your parents are not there, what you can do is consult a lawyer and explain him the case and get an affidavit made in which your correct name and DOB of will be mentioned and your father details will also be mentioned. The lawyer will know the procedure. Once your affidavit is ready you publish your name and DOB change in two newspapers one in your local language and the other in English.
    Then you have to apply for the change in the records attaching the following document.

    (i) Birth Certificate issued by Concerned Registrar of Births (in case the child is yet to join
    (ii) For Matriculate/School Going Children, Matriculation Certificate or equivalent issued by
    State Board of Education, CBSE and ICSE as the case may be (In case the child is in the lower class,
    the date of birth recorded in school records duly certified by Head of School). Such certified will
    be got further verified by Record OfficeConcerned. Certificate issued by KG/LKG& UKG
    will not be accepted.
    (iii) Declaration by the applicant through an affidavit sworn in before a Class I Magistrate/Notary.
    (iv) Application from Indl concerned.
    (v) Recommendation of Zila Sainik Welfare officer.

    You can contact the Zilla Sainik officer. He will guide and help you in this matter and your problem will be sorted out. Once this is over there will not be any problem in getting the pension.

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  • Your name is incorrect in the deceased father's pension documents. So they are not matching with your personal documents like school and birth certificate and Aadhaar card and other credentials.

    So first thing you have to find out with the AMC records office or administrative office as what is the process or procedure they want in such cases. If they tell you to give an application along with the correct documents and can rectify the mistake in that pension document then that will be the easiest thing to pursue as it will solve the problem instantly without going for any legal solace or recourse.

    If they show their inability to do so then the only way is to go for a legal affidavit for which you will have to consult a lawyer who will prepare it giving all the details that such and such person whose father was such and such is having the personal details like such and such but erroneously the AMC documents are having some errors crept in regarding name and DOB and to mitigate that this affidavit is to be prepared.

    The lawyer will make these things in required way and once this affidavit is prepared you can sign it and also get it verified and signed by a first class magistrate in a court under his seal. Please affix all the copies of correct documents with this affidavit as they will be an integral part of this declaration.

    Apart from above if AMC office is not satisfied with the above affidavit then you may be asked to go for gazette notification of this name confirmation for which the lawyer will do the needful and your name confirmation which is commonly known as name change gazette notification will reflect in the Govt gazette. Sometimes in some states they will insist for publishing the zest of this mane confirmation in the newspaper also and that can also be done.

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