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    Which software course will be best for me to secure good job

    Interested in taking up a career in computer but with only part programming? Confused about which software to learn? Find advice and suggestions of the best software on this page and decide further course of action.

    I have completed engineering last year. I am interested in the software field for that I would like to know which computer software course is best for my career. I would like to know which course is in demand that could help me in securing a good job. I am interested in the technical side rather than all programming, partial programming is better.
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  • You can try any of the following. The courses are given in the order of preference.

    1. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is an interface between the client and the system This course is very much in demand and this course will be very useful to get a good job in the IT sector.
    2. JAVA/J2EE & Its Frameworks:

    This technology is being used by many companies in all domains. Java / J2EE courses have two-part core and advance, like:
    · J2SE (Core Part)
    · J2EE (JSP & Servlets + EJB)
    · STRUTS (Framework for Java)
    These frameworks are in very good demand.

    3.Animation & Graphics:

    The animation industry is in good high demand all around the world. Is catching in the Indian market also. All the animation movies, cartoons and noticeable high-end graphics are a product of Animation & Graphics sector.
    4. CISCO Technologies: This course is good for networking. CISCO technologies can be a good choice of course.
    The various levels of certification from CISCO are Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect
    5. SAS: Data analytics is rapidly growing in all reputed companies. This course SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is an integrated system of software products. This course will be good to perform data entry, retrieval, management, mining, report writing and graphics.
    6. DBA (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server): This course is good for a stable career in Database Administration (DBA).
    The database is implementing for creating, managing and maintaining big size data files.
    7. System Administration (Red Hat, Solaris, UNIX, VMware):
    These Courses are about database administration There are various options for certifications from Red Hat, VMware and Solaris.
    8. Microsoft Technologies: Microsoft has diversified technology offerings for IT aspirants ranging from web/desktop based application development with .NET to the Desktop/Data/Server administration.

    always confident

  • IT companies are on a lookout for the people who are equipped with courses in various areas of computer sciences. There are many courses which have a good job potential and one can try to attain expertise in that to carve out a place for oneself in the industry.

    Some of the prospective courses are as below -

    (1) Web Programming/ Application development - This course deals with designing, development, production, assessment of web apps and strategies to locate the sources. Students can learn web application procedure in this course.

    After completing the course, one can work as a freelancer or can apply for a job in a web designing company. There are many companies looking for front end and back end web developers.

    (2) Database administration (DBA) - Data is the most crucial thing in any organisation and keeping it in a quickly retrievable form and taking care of its safety and upkeep are of paramount importance.

    So a database course prepares a person to take up those responsibilities and there are many organisation which require data base management persons on a regular basis.

    (3) Digital Marketing - This is relatively newer area and there are immense potential for growth in this line.

    This course prepares the students to know about the marketing in this digital era by putting up the advertisement right up to the gadget level in front of the user or surfer in the net.

    One can, after this course, have ones own marketing constancy or join some leading organisation.

    (4) Mobile Application Development - It is one of the fastest growing occupations. The smart phones and tablets are changing the way we conduct our business and communicate to do business.

    Every business wants an application which can be used by the people and in that perspective there is a job opportunity in this area.

    Industries are realizing the power of a mobile app and want professionals to make it and upkeep it.

    (5) IT Security Specialist - This is another interesting area and with time, professionals will be required to manage the day to day security protocols and safeguarding the system from attack of mischievous programs.

    This is going to be a bright area.

    (6) Technology Manager - This is also an area where a lot of prospects are there.

    There are many areas in the computer industry where a lot of potential is there upside. Some of these are cloud computing, database, networking etc. So to manage all these elements under one roof technology managers are needed.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thanks all for good suggestion.

  • As per my views there is no security in the field of software due to version changes frequently but based on your performance you can be retain in your job. I did MCA so I will suggest to go for MCA course which has good career and future. After MCA do one fast course of 6 month like CDAC(Center for diploma in advance technology) where you will get lot of knowledge about new languages and project work.
    You need to select best center for CDAC to get right career.

    Other member suggested Mobile application learning which is also a good option because this is a time of mobile and whatever you learn about mobile application you can earn extra money.
    If you are not good in programming then I will suggest you to make your career in Database administration (DBA) .DBA are also in demand in Information technology market.

    So I tried to give you best option its up to you what you want to go for your selection.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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