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    Mobile mirror casting with windows 10 Laptop or Desktop

    Have a query about mirror casting from android mobile to Windows 10 laptop or desktop? Looking out for a detailed step by step procedure to carry out mirror casting? Scroll through this page for answers to your queries.

    I would like display the screen of my mobile on the laptop or desktop. This will help me in viewing the video or other picture in the larger screen of Laptop or desktop.
    Can any one explain the step by step procedure in configuring an android mobile and the windows 10 laptop/desktop for this purpose?
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  • You can try the following steps to cast your Android screen to your PC.
    1, Open the notification centre of Android phone.
    2. Open the quick action section. It will get expanded.
    3. Click on the Cast button
    4. Then Click on More Settings.
    5. Open the Connect app on your Windows 10 PC
    6. Then see that wireless display is enabled on Android phone by clicking on the more icon from the top
    7. Wait for some time and Android phone will find your Windows 10 PC
    8. just click on your computer and it'll start connecting
    9. Once connected, you should be able to see your Android screen on your Windows 10 PC

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  • One of the most common way to mirror the mobile device in the PC is to install an relevant application in PC. There are many applications which are tailor made for this purpose. These are available in Google Play store.

    When you install this in PC it may ask you to register with a user name and password.

    Some of these apps are Android 3, Team viewer quick support, All Cast etc. Once any of these is loaded in the PC then the PC will connect to the mobile in the wi-fi environment and then you can see the mirror image of your mobile in the PC having windows 10.

    In Android 3 after the login you have to select mirror button in the menu and it will display your mobile screen on the PC. In Team viewer, it will give you one ID which you have to enter in the team viewer window under control remote computer and select the button 'connect to partner'. So it will be connected and you can view your mobile screen on PC. In All Cast it will make one file All Cast extension and once you click on it, it will configure it to take screen image of mobile directly to PC.

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