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    How to change from non IT to IT stream

    Planning to change from Commerce to IT career? Looking out for tips to whether it Is possible and which courses to learn? On this Ask Expert page page you can get answers for all your queries and decide how to switch your career.

    I have completed B.Com in 2005 but from 2011 onwards I am doing job in non-technical. I want to move to technical side.
    Is it possible now since my date of birth is 03 1984 and I have 7 yrs experience in finance in companies like 1.5 yrs in virtusa in account receivable and 1.5 yes in karvy as mutual fund officer and 2.5 yrs in capital iq in data research and now working in state Street HCL as investment banking officer?
    If possible kindly suggest suitable courses to learn?

    My resume

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  • You have a B. Com degree and you have seven years of experience in finance. Your work experience is more in banking and similar sectors. Now you want to go to a technical job. Core finance job is a professional job. As you have already your have put up 7 years experience in that line for your career progress it is better to continue in the same line. But in this field also you can get back to good accounts job by acquiring good certification courses which are very useful for the finance department. You can undergo training in SAP, ERP and Tally programme. These programmes are being used by many corporate offices for their financial accounting and material accounting process. There will be good demand for the people with the above certifications with good experience in finance and accounts departments. So my sincere suggestion to you is to start learning the ERP programming, Tally and then SAP. By the time you acquire these certificates, you will understand the importance of these courses and definitely you will get a good job as per your liking. All the best to you.

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  • You have a B.Com degree with experience in Finance domain. You have indicated that you would like to switch over to IT field. You need to know what is your skill sets and competence in the IT field. Since your core subject is Finance you could explore enhancing your IT skills related to your field. There are many application software's available in the Finance area. Tally is one of the commonly used application software in Finance area.

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  • You are already using some computer programs for your work in the company for general, managerial and administrative point of view and now you have intentions to move to more towards management of computer applications and softwares in the company. If I get you correctly then you can keep continuing your good work there and simultaneously go for some computer course which gives you knowledge about the various applications which can be used in our company for enhancing the productivity.

    Some of such courses which can prepare you to take up the role of a technical person than the office executive type of job are related to computer applications and their usefulness and the way they are to be inducted there.

    (1) Computer Networking - This course will give you a lot of insight for how the computers are networked with each other and can be used in a shared or remote environment. What are the softwares required for doing it and other basics of networking. After doing this you will be able to suggest and advise for networking requirement of the company.

    There are many certificate courses of short or medium durations available part time or online and you can choose one among that depending upon your other schedules.

    (2) Computer Security and System Management - This area is very important as it teaches you the ways how to keep your system secure by using firewalls or software programs to check the entry of virus or other malicious things to your computer and it is now emerging as a good area to work. There are various certificate courses available and if you have interest in this highly technical line you can think about it.

    (3) Interactive Multimedia Development - How this course will be helping you is to be seen in the light of changing your job from this company to elsewhere or preferably a new role in this company itself. This course gives skills for creative work using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Sound Forge, Premier Pro and 2D flash / 3dx Max. If you have interest in this technical line you can consider it.

    (4) Certificate course in advance Financial Accounting - If you want to retain your expertise in the area you are working then this is a good course and it encompasses Concept of Job costing, Point of sales, excise duty, payroll, manufacturing inventory, security level and auditing share accounting using Tally ERP 9. This is a short course.

    I have not included the pure software courses here as that is not the interest shown in your query but if you have a interest in that area then it can also be explored by learning web designing or Java and things like that.

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  • After going through with your resume, I don't get any idea about how this does suits with the IT profile or IT oriented opportunities. The complete details have been focused to only with the functional areas spreaded to the commercial activities. So one impression that I feel good about is that you have a good exposure to the functional areas of your interest & even in the different organization but then how this could be an advantage for you in shifting to the IT sector? But I would say that there always a hope & so this is the case with you too but to remind you of the fact that this wouldn't be easy & that even if are offered on some ground than the salary part wouldn't be satisfactory.

    In the first phase, let's see how your profile fits you for the IT profile. Any ERP system comprises of different modules which can be said to be referred with the different functional areas like the Sales & Distribution which look after with the finished goods, the Material Management which deals into raw material & likewise we have the finance module which looks after the monetary transactions. Considering this you should be fit into the Finance module because you carry a good knowledge of this field.

    In the next step some technicalities are involved wherein you are required to have the information of about how the data are interpreted & processed by the system because whatever you are witnessing on the screen of a computer system is actually a form of processed data which we normally referred to as "information" & if you well informed of about how this works then you are already made yourself equipped for the functional part of the ERP system but in a little bit ahead way, this is complex too & for this reason you are advised for some sort of training from some reliable source or else your whole effort would go in vain because the competition is huge with many already keeping themselves far ahead from you.

    You must be serious this time with your intentions or else going back to your original profile would again be difficult when it comes to convincing to the applied organization.

  • After going through your resume, my first question is why do you really want to switch?? You have good experience in finance sector and till now you could have gained expert knowledge in finance sector. Why don't you use your expert knowledge in same field and check for better opportunity. Why don't you start counselling in finance which could be best option instead? Now a days people are willing to invest money in different sector but due to insufficient knowledge or not knowing all available options, doesn't invest it. You can use your knowledge and expert views for such people and give best suitable options. This will be great startup for your own business and make yourself comfortable than whatever comes in your mind.
    I am suggesting above point due to factor that you have moreover Non-Technical experience and switching could be much more difficult than you thought about it. IT sector is not limited and has different sectors so it will be difficult to chose what kind of sector you are going to work. I want to give example like, it does has Development, Testing, Administration, HR,etc . You don't have any relevant experience and now a days company always look for relevant experience though you go through any course. Though you complete any course then you may get chance but can't have more salary expectation as it may be considered as Fresher due to lack of relevant experience.
    Considering all above aspects , I want to suggest you to continue in your existing sector and get more expertise on it, start counselling or your own way as a adviser.

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