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    Filled the wrong Category in SSC CHSL

    Have a query about filling the SSC CHSL form? Worried what to do if there is mistake in filling the form? No worries, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the responses regarding how to make changes in the form.

    In SSC CHSL form, by mistake I filled OBC in caste and I belong to general category.
    Form has already been edited twice. Is it a problem?
    What can I do now?
    Can it be like I later get it changed to general from somewhere or if I do not produce an OBC certificate, so I'll be considered as a general?
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  • No wrong information can be given when you are applying for jobs. You should check thoroughly before you submit the application. If still, the edit option is there, you can edit any number of times. It is not a problem. If still the last date for editing the information is there you can get it corrected immediately.
    If there is no time for editing the mistake online, you may have to send a letter in writing to the concerned officer online or to the concerned office by registered post to the concerned office address. You have to mention in that letter to that you have done mistake in filling. You have to declare that you are a general candidate and not belongs to OBC. A copy of the letter should be kept with you for reference and the acknowledgement you received back and the register post receipt given by the post office should also be kept with you. When they call you for certificate verification you have to carry with you the above three items also along with other documents.
    If you are a general candidate you may not have a certificate of caste and you can't submit a proof for your OBC. Then they will consider you as a general candidate only.
    Please be careful and focus on the work you are doing especially when you are filling application forms online.

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  • We should be careful in filling the online forms as in many instances the system will not allow editing especially after a specified date.

    So, the first option you have is to search the possibility of the editing in the system and if it allows then that is the end of your worries.

    Otherwise you get the address of the nodal office from their site which is conducting this exam and send them your request for changing this data in the relevant field at their end. What you have to do is write an application and make your point clearly understandable that due to inadvertent mistake you have entered a wrong option and actually that is such and such in place of such and such.

    Now take a printout of your online application or any reference document which they have provided you online or the copy of email received by you after submission and enclose it with your application. Please write the reference number if any and your address, email and mobile number in your application so that if they are kind enough to contact you, you can be contacted.

    Now send all these documents by registered post or courier and also if there is an email facility also send all the scanned copies to them.

    Keep a copy of everything with you as there is always a possibility that due to high number of applications, they will not be able to give the individual care. So at the time of document verification you can show the documents to them and they may consider your sincere request.

    Do not leave things on them thinking that they will consider you in general category if you keep quite and tell this at the end of the process. Please take the corrective action as soon as possible because that is the only proof to them that you have done it unintentionally and accepting your mistake before they find it.

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  • A special care has to be taken while filing up application via on line since any mistake incorporated during the process of entering the datas would form a valid storage of the data and any alteration further would not be entertained.
    Hence every case would be required to make a rough of all the relevant informations to be entered into the on line system.
    In case, you come across the mistake after filling up on line application , explore the possibility of editing the same through the nodal centre and the same can be corrected if the system allows.
    If such a provision is not available, write straight way to the concerned officer intimating the lapses Commited earlier and request them to rectify the mistake. You will have to send the same through the registered post with an acknowledgment letter so as to have an ocular proof of having taken initiative from your end.

  • I am afraid that after the final submission of the online application form, it may not be possible for you to change the category. However, the last date for form submission is not yet over (the last date being 5th April 2019). So, you must make a last attempt to rectify the mistake by editing the category.

    If you can't edit the category or indicate the correct one, then, I am afraid, nothing can be done. However, this episode will teach you a valuable lesson. Everyone is required to fill up online form with utmost care and must re-check the form more than once before final submission.

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