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    Suggestions for regular MBA or distance MBA.

    Aspiring for a good career in a reputed company in the Management domain? Confused between opting for regular or Distance MBA? Resolve your confusion by going through the advice provided by our ISC Experts here.

    I am pursuing graduation(B.Com Hons) from Delhi University and I am very much confused about doing MBA.
    Whether I go for regular MBA(not given CAT exam) or distance MBA and gain work experience with it.
    Please suggest me which will be the best for a good career in reputed company?
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  • Doing MBA from a reputed institute is a very important requirement for having a good career with a reputed company. B.Com(Hons) alone may not have good chances and hence obtaining an MBA is better. But MBA may take away another 2 or 3 years time if you do it in day college as a full-time course.
    Once you complete B.Com Hons, try for a job in a good company and join in that job. Once you join there you will have some financial stability also. There are many business schools which are offering MBAs by distant education mode also. Try for a very good B school and appear for the entrance test to do your MBA from that institute by distance mode. Once you are through your entrance test you can join and complete the course.
    With your additional qualification and experience, you obtained by that time will definitely help you in sourcing a good job in a good and reputed company.

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  • After completing your Hons), it would always be better to persue an MBA course from a reputed university through the regular mode. If you make an additional effort to clear the CAT test with an impressive percentile say beyond 99, you may secure a seat in IMM and such an effort will definitely change your prospects for the better in the multinational company. This requires your firm determination and your consistent effort in that direction. If you join in a prominent coaching institute to get their guidance in this regard, your rate of success is assured. The entire process in the accumulation of such a post graduate degree in management and its preparation from a coaching institute would take three years of time.
    Alternatively, you may join in a commercial - establishment with your B.Com ( Hons ) and start preparation of MBA course through distance mode with the approval of your company. This will give you an opportunity to clear the course in the instalment wise and later, you may be promoted to a higher rank by virtue of gaining the MBA degree.

  • After B.Com., going for MBA makes sense as it opens a lot of opportunities in the industry. Now you have to see your financial condition and other considerations before deciding for the mode you want to go for it. If you are in a desperate need of a job, then it will be wise to join a job and then pursue a distance or part time MBA as per the flexibility of working hours in the said job. Do not bother for the type and remuneration of the job but see the timings which can suit you to keep your academic ambitions on the forefront.

    In other case, that is if you can afford a full time MBA, it will be a good thing to join a reputed institute and get the degree from there and the apply for a job. One thing which is very important today is the scoring. If you can work hard and dedicate and devote to your studies then only there is a future otherwise getting a degree with mediocre score is as good as not getting it. So, in a regular course one has to do all out effort and hard work and if you are one among the top scoring guys you have a potential of getting campus recruitment by the big companies and that will simply be a start of the glorious career.

    For your guidance I am giving the salient features of these two modes so that one can take a conscious decision for going for one of them.

    (A) Full-time MBA:
    In this mode one has access to all the facilities of the institute and has a direct interaction with the faculty and one can also participate in many academic activities arranged by the institute time to time to sharpen the skills of the students by interaction and involvement with the industry.

    The classroom interaction with the fellow students is itself a great support and help and is a guiding force for motivation to work hard. There will be ample exposure to the industries and during internship the student will learn the intricacies of management. There are good chances for campus recruitment to the meritorious students as companies come to these institutes for placement.

    The duration of the program is 2 years covering theory and practicals exhaustively. The schedule for assignment submission and other participation is more and less fixed and the student will always be busy in those things.

    Regular MBA is a bit expansive and the fee ranges from 10 to 30 lakhs depending upon the institute.

    As the number of seats are limited or fixed the students will have to qualify in the entrance exam for getting a seat in regular MBA. The student has to undergo the entr?n?? ex?m, gr?u? discussion and p?r??n?l int?rv??w after which his performance will be evaluated for admission. Based on the merit of the case, some institutions provide scholarships also.

    (B) Distance MBA:
    Distance MBA is in online mode and taught through virtual videos and interaction is through the digital media. Some institutes provide manual study material also.

    The schedule in distance MBA is not very stringent and there is good flexibility in submission of assignment etc. There is no strict duration specified for the program but people complete it in 1 to 3 years, mostly in 2 years.

    Fee is comparatively less than the regular MBA and ranges from Rs 25000 to 1.5 lakhs depending on the agency conducting it.

    Getting admission is not difficult and there is no hard and fast rule for the academic year start or end.

    The practical side is a bit weak as there are no industry or field related work or affiliation. Further the campus recruitment and other placement options are not available here.

    Also, the peer to peer support is not there as the individual has to pursue it alone.

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  • It's always better to do an MBA course (regular ) and from a reputed institute. These days lots of people do MBA after completion of graduation. I have seen people who have pursued it from distant and the ones who have done it from a regular institute. There is a difference in the person who does it from a regular institute has more knowledge than the other one. So it's better if do it from a regular institute


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  • Although accomplishing Management studies from any of the reputed institutes are having an edge in comparison to the lesser known institutes or the Universities but on the practical ground it's your competitive skills that would matter in the long run. I personally have many instances that few with although not having with the respective degrees or with the certificates but still have achieved a good success in their professional life. On just the opposite of this, few had the necessary degrees with the other certification courses but in comparison they are far behind than what they would have expected on their end.

    The management degrees & the courses are just the supplements which give some push-ups to your carrier but after certain duration your experience matter while the degrees or the certificates lose its attraction with getting shifted to the secondary importance.

    What I would like to suggest you is to go ahead with the competitive exams in order to get placed in some reputed institutes & if not done because of some reasons may be due to any financial constraints or not able to face with the intense competition, continue with any known institutes or with the Universities which can provide you with the good consultants along with the good study material within its campus. In no matter what, I wouldn't suggest you to move with any correspondence courses because this has lesser or no importance in comparison to the other regular courses.

    Finally for your last query, any of the companies are based on some basic requirements in the form of education + experience + candidate's personal expertise on the subject material & if you are able to match-up with those then you are in but the things are not as easy as it seems to be but would depend upon how prepared you are because for your note for even a single post the applicants can be unexpectedly huge in numbers that you might not even be able to get shortlisted for the initial screening.

    If we conclude here than I would want you to move ahead with the basic fulfilment needs of the employer & then just keep updating yourselves with the time in terms of your skill sets so that you can set with the additional edge over others.

  • There are many differences between distance MBA and regular MBA but one of the main and significant difference is the campus recruitment.

    If a student is bright and does hard work and gets a good score then he stands a very good chance of direct appointment in any of the big companies which usually come to the institutions for taking the executives on their rolls after their assessment by their team.

    So, in distance mode a student will miss this life time opportunity and that is a big setback from career point of view.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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