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    What is B2B & B2C concept as per the latest trend in any business organization?

    Want to know the difference between B2B and B2C? Searching for detailed difference to understand the detailed concepts? Find answers from ISC experts on this page.

    How would you define the terms Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Cash (B2C) concept / process in context to business organization?
    The experts are requested to brief the concept by providing with the examples in order to make the things here clear.
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  • B2B is the transaction between a business to another Business.
    B2C is the transaction between a business to customers.
    In B2C, the business will directly sell the product directly to consumer. The quantity purchased by an indidual customer will be less. The rates will be fixed and all will get the material at almost the same price.
    In B2B the business will sell the product to another business where they will use that product in their business.
    Generally B2B will be a little complicated and time consuming. Many systems and procedures will be involved. The person who is making the purchase may not have the final authority to make the decision of purchase. A team may be involved in finalising the product. The team may have persons from technical department, quality department, finance department and other departments as required. They may ask quptatios from different parties manufacturing the same product. They will compare the rates, quality and the suitability of the product for their process.
    The price from one company to another company for the same product may differ. The price depends on many factors like quantity, packing details, quality requirements and the negotiation skills of the purchasing company. The price may be on the higher side to government organisations as there may be many hidden expenses.

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  • B2B and B2C both are commercial transactions. The purpose of both is selling goods only. The difference is only in the mode and parties involved.

    In B2B mode one business entity buys items from other business entity for using them in its business or providing services to others.

    The other mode is B2C in which the customer is directly buying the goods from the business entity. The buyer is purchasing it for its own use.

    Now we will compare these two models in respect of certain parameters so that the subtle differences will come out sharply.

    In B2B the focus is on the product while in B2C it is on the relationship.

    The quantity of goods is large or very large in B2B mode but small in B2C.

    The relationship horizon and time frame in B2B is long term while in B2C it is short term.

    The purchase cycles are lengthy in B2B transactions while they are short in the B2C mode.

    Buying decisions are based on planning and need of organization in B2B mode but are driven by individual desire and needs in B2C mode.

    For example, if I go to a mall and select a shirt for my use and pay for it then it is a B2C transaction.

    Now let us have an example for B2B. If a shoemaking company is buying processed leather sheets from another company then due to the large quantity involved it will have a few rounds of negotiations before entering with it in a contract of supply for a significant period so that it gets a steady supply to maintain its production. So the buying process becomes a complex one and utilizes the expertise of the professionals working in the purchasing department of the company.

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