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    Got wrong caste in Caste certificate

    Worried about case being mentioned wrongly in caste certificate? Looking out for resolving the worries here? Relax, find responses and suggestions from our ISC experts here and decide how to rectify the mistake.

    I applied for caste and income certificate in sub Tahsildar office in Bangalore and clearly mentioned in application that it is for education purpose and the caste is Balija and 2A. But when I got certificate, it was 3A mentioned in certificate. What to do now?
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  • You have to approach the same subregistrar office explaining the mistake in caste codification. You have to give an application in writing stating your exact caste and how it is different from the caste mentioned in your certificate. You have to add a proof to show your caste like your parents caste certificate or any other certificate which will exactly show the caste of your parents.
    Then they will correct your certificate. If they feel they are correct they will explain why they have mentioned their caste like that. If you are still not convinced you have to go to the District Collector. District Collector is the final authority in deciding the caste.

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  • First thing is please check all your documents which you have given them while asking for a caste certificate. If those papers are in order then it means there is a mistake in the certification from their side.

    Now you have to give an aplicacion with all the details and it will be wise to put a copy of all the relevant reference document with it along with a copy of the erroneous certificate which you have got from them.

    It will be better if you pursue it with them because the human psychology is such that the person who has done this mistake will take time to accept it and may try to to beat around the bush. But do not worry as they will finally correct it and issue the corrected certificate.

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