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    Job profile of central government.

    Have a query about the job profile in central government? Looking out for list of additional duties which can be assigned to a central government employee? Check out this Ask Expert page and get answers to how the duties differ from that of state government.

    Do Central government employees get other duties like Election duty, Magistrate. Duty, in festivals, Exam. Duty etc. like that in State government? If partially yes which are the. Posts in SSC CGL? Which of these duties are not concerned in the State Government?
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  • As per the regulations in the matter the election commission seeks persons from the state Govt departments for election duty like for the job of presiding officer or polling officer or duty in the places where poll counting is done or other miscellaneous jobs related to the polling. These duties are generally either for a short time say 3-4 days for covering a single booth during the poll or sometimes for a longer period say 20-25 days for duty to be imparted in a central place from where various activities of poll are coordinated.

    Not only the revenue or state administration but school and college teachers and other quasi Govt. bodies employees are also deployed for these temporary duties.

    As far as possible the election commission do not force the Central Govt. or PSU or Bank employees for this purpose but if required they are also asked to join this work.

    SSC-CGL services cover central secretariat jobs, excise and tax department jobs, assistant in various ministries, inspectors in CBI and enforcement directorate, clerks, auditors and accountants. Generally, they will not be asked for these duties as a first option.

    This year election commission might need more people to manage the things efficiently and there might be a call for that. So, only those who have a medical problem are to be exempted by their department and their replacement is to be provided.

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  • Central government employees will be sometimes assigned additional duties as per the provisions of the act and s required.
    A college lecturer or high school teacher will be assigned additional duties like Population counting, conducting polls as per the requirement from time to time, paper setting and paper correction.
    All central government employees will also be asked to attend for duty in voters list preparation, Conducting polls etc.
    All government employees as required will be appointed for the additional duties and compensation will be paid as per the rules and regulations existing from time to time. But before appointing them, the concerned authorities should take the consent of the Department heads and then only they will appoint after getting their consent.
    Sometime some officials will also be asked to take part in duties like conducting enquiries and they may be send to other duties on deputation.

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  • All the employees of the Central Government and State Governments (except those who are engaged in essential services maintenance) may be called for election duties. The number of employees to be called for such duties depends upon the nature of the election and the number of election officials required for the purpose.

    Invigilation duty is not mandatory, but voluntary. But election duty is mandatory. An employee who is called for election duty must have to perform the duty, except when he/she is in a serious medical condition.

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