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    Help needed over name registration for SSC examination

    Want to make changes win your name in the SSC exams registration? Searching for the website and process for carrying out this registration? No worries, here on this Ask Expert page you can get answers to all your queries.

    I want to register for SSC examination but I am facing difficulty regarding name format. In my matriculation certification name is starting with Surname followed by my first name and than middle name. In Matriculation certificate its specifically mentioned "Surname first".

    In all my other documents like PAN, Aadhar my name format is first name than middle name and than surname. So I am confused as to how should I register my account on SSC website so as to not face any difficulties later on. What should I do? Please help me out.
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  • When you have been instructed to indicate your surname first, you have to do so. There will be no problem because your name is indicated first in the PAN Card or AADHAR Card. This is in no way any discrepancy. Don't worry about that.

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  • Your matriculation - certificate is not going to create any hurdle in the the current process of registration of SSC examination. You may write your surname first and later to be followed your name. Even if you submit the photocopy of the matriculation - certiffication during such process, it would be acceptable to the concerned officials.
    Maintaining your name first in other documents such as Aadhar, PAN card will indicate that your documents are in order and hence you need not worry unnecessarily in this regard.

  • If the name is correct there will not be any problem in the sequence of writing the name. You can write your surname first and then your name as required for registering your name for SSC. You can attach a copy of your Matric examination certificate and no problem will arise. The only issue is to see that the letters are the same either in your first name or surname. You need not to worry about the order or sequence in your identity cards.

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  • If in your matriculation certificate it is specifically mentioned 'surname first' or the format is suggestive of that then there is no problem otherwise it might be taken as mismatch of name and you may have inconvenience to justify it later.

    So for registration purposes in SSC you write your name in the correct sequence but be ready for a verification later and in the worst case scenario they may ask you to submit an affidavit to that extent.

    That is not a big deal and if required, you can produce that by taking help of a lawyer and making an affidavit to that extent duly signed by you and countersigned by a court magistrate under his seal.

    Sometimes they will be convinced by your surname written first as you are not the only person having this mismatch. So many students are enrolling for SSC and you will be treated in the same way as them.

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  • Thank you very much for replying guys. There is NO spelling mistake in any of my documents. I completed my 10th(Matriculation) and 12th(HSC) from Maharashtra State Board. In both the Passing Certificates as well as Marksheets my name starts with "Surname First". Its the Maharashtra State Board which has decided to write name as per this format so I have decided to write the name the way its written in my Matriculation and HSC certificate with Surname First during the examination process. Once the document verification arrives and if there's any issue regarding my name than I can clearly say I have entered the name as per your rules which is "as per mentioned in Matriculation Certificate". Its same format in my Graduation Degree as well which I have completed from Mumbai University.

    But in other documents like PAN, Aadhar, Voter ID etc where its written in First-Middle-Surname format. So will it create any problem?

    Older Staff Selection Commission's registration process was good where there was individual column for First Name, Middle Name and Surname. Now in new registration process its one big column. Hence this is creating lot of problems.

  • I think that you can go ahead with that. As Maharashtra board is putting the surname first then there is no problem in that as you can explain it.

    Regarding PAN, Aadhar and other credentials the usual practice is Name-middle name-surname. So that is also correct in your case.

    So keep all your documents with you and present them and explain to the verifying authorities about the variations.

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