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  • How to use Google play on Desktop PC or Laptop

    Interested in playing mobile applications on a desktop or laptop? Wondering how to play google play on desktop or a laptop? Find suggestions from our ISC experts on this page and decide how to launch the apps on desktop or laptop.

    There are many mobile applications available for our use in mobile hand sets.
    Can we use these applications in Desktop PC or Laptops?
    For example mobile applications like Ola, Uber, PayTM, Google Pay , WhatsApp etc. How to use these applications in PC's and Laptops?.
    Can any one explain step by step method for the purpose?
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  • You can use any one of the following three methods.
    1. The PC version of the game can be used on your laptop or computer. A fallout shelter is an example of this. If the developer has not done a version for PC you can't do it.
    2, If you have a Chromebook you can download an app if the developer has designed for disabling the need for touch screens.
    3, The other method is to use a virtual machine such as bluestacks.
    I suggest you try via bluestacks.

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  • You can use Google play on Desktop or Laptop with the following method.

    Android Runtime for Chrome, Google ARC.

    Bluestacks, via Android emulator.

    YouWave, similar to Bluestacks.

    Wind-up - average result.

    KoPlayer - need additional or better graphic in the system.

  • Many people are interested in running the android apps in the PC environment. So the software development companies are on this job of creating a good application which can be downloaded in the laptop and then manages these things in it. Many companies have tried the softwares for this purpose and I will be giving here some details about two of such packages which are popular with the users.

    (1) Android Runtime for Chrome - ARC, as it is commonly known is the software package by Google to run Android apps inside their Chrome browser. It can be installed in windows or OS X or linux.

    One has to install the latest version of chrome in the laptop and then download ARC. If you are using a Chromebook then the ARC Welder add-on package will be required.

    Next thing is, which is a bit cumbersome, you have to get the APK file corresponding to the mobile apps and for which you have to install a APK extractor app in your mobile phone and then after extracting the APK files transfer them to the laptop. These APK files are to be run in the ARC environment to get that feeling of mobile phone apps on your laptop.

    Avoid getting APK files from unreliable sites. They might contain viruses.

    (2) BlueStacks - Silicon Valley company BlueStacks has devised the BlueStacks app player to run the mobile apps in the laptop.

    One has to install the BlueStacks app player and one has also to register for a free BlueStacks account with either a working email address or a Facebook account. A PIN will also be generated for safe use of the site. Mobile apps are to be downloaded within the BlueStacks app player.

    The best part of this BlueStacks is its ability to send apps from our Android mobile device to our laptop via the company's Cloud Connect.

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  • In order to use mobile applications in PC, you need to have BlueStacks, an Android platform on which you can run the apps. First you have to download the BlueStacks installer which is available online for free. Install that platform and you will get similar interface you observe in any Android mobile. Google Play store is available on that platform. So, simply downloading and installing android app, you can take feel of mobile experience on PC.

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