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    Why Screen recorder exits when recording PUBG gameplay in Android MIUI smartphone?

    Planning to record gameplay for PUBG? Looking out for the real reasons of why the recording stops after a few minutes? Here, on this page, check out the responses from experts and decide how to record gameplay.

    The MIUI comes with build in screen recorder to record gameplay. However, I tried recording PUBG gameplay for and the recording stops after few minutes. The recording app exit automatically. This happens only when I record gameplay in PUBG. I tried recording other online games and it works fine. The problem persists only when recording PUBG game.

    Help me resolve this issue.
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  • PUBG Mobile is a well-known game for mobile devices. Playing PUBG Mobile can be more enjoyable by sharing your knowledge and experience with others. To do this, it would be good if you could record your screen and make a demo or tutorial video to show your tactics.
    Record PUBG Mobile on Android ApowerREC is the best screen recording application. Are you using the same application for recording? If you use this programme, your problem will get solved. This program is having a comprehensive and straightforward interface. So anybody can become familiar with this app easily. , ApowerREC has the ability to record any game, including PUBG Mobile and other battle royale games. The quality will be high and there will not be any lag or delays. This program is free and doesn't leave any watermarks on the output.

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  • Now a days sharing of game play of PUBG is being done by the players of this game to share the experience and gain from each others strategy in the game. This is making the game more popular.

    Sometimes the inbuilt screen recorder might not be matching with the PUBG game play and in such a situation it will be advisable to go for other apps for this recording job.

    So, you may have to install another screen recorder in your device to enable you to record a good quality video. Some of the popular and good screen recorders are AZ screen recorder, Apower REC, DU screen recorder and Mobozine screen recorder.

    You have to go to Google Playstore and install any of the above one app.

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