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    Masters of Arts in history or philosophy

    Interested in becoming an assistant professor? Confusing between choosing PG degree in history or philosophy? Find responses from ISC experts on this page and decide how to achieve your wish of becoming an assistant professor.

    Should I pursue Master's degree in History or Philosophy?
    In this course is the scope good for becoming an assistant professor in terms of vacancies?
    Also which course is easy, not boring and not so descriptive?
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  • Both Philosophy and History are of the same type. To choose the best is your will.
    What subject do you like more? History or philosophy?
    History is a very common subject. Many colleges will have the history as a subject in BA. The number of colleges for Philosophy may be less when compared to History. So if you study History chances of getting a teaching job may be easy. But at the same time, people studying history are very high when compared to philosophy.
    So getting a teaching post completely depends on your personal efforts. I feel you only should take a call based on your interest. By getting a good percentage and then going for a doctorate will give you more chances to become a lecturer. If I were in your place I might have opted for Philosophy.

    always confident

  • Every subject is interesting if you have interest in it. At the same time every subject is boring if you have no interest in academics.

    So to begin with the interest and liking are the basic building stones of an educational career. Some students leave their houses and go to Bollywood to become hero or music director or stuntman or singer or any other such career there and some of them achieve that with their passion.

    I have seen students preparing for IAS or other competitive exams right from class IX which may be a surprising thing for many of us but they have inbuilt passion for that objective and they want to achieve that.

    So what is your interest? It is very important to identify it. No person can score high marks if he is working hard in a line which does not interest him.

    Now coming to your query, History is a fantastic and fascinating subject as it will enrich you with the complete knowledge of this world in terms of cultures, nations, local wars, invasions, world politics, affiliations and alienations, world wars and use of fatal weapons, ambitious kings and their invasions, different races in the world, terrorism and its genesis, religions and conflicts and many such subjects.

    History teaching is a good option for students passing with History. Only thing is one has to complete the teaching diploma like B.Ed. for teaching or qualify NET for applying for lectureship in colleges or universities. There are ample research options in History subject.

    Philosophy is also a good subject and very elaborate in its contents but may not interest everyone as it is more to abstract side of human nature and society. Those who have a inquisitive and philosophical attitude may find it interesting and once an academic stream is identified as interesting for making a career there is no looking back.

    In Philosophy one has to study Indian as well as western philosophy and their comparisons. It will cover nature of man, society and the state, and the relation between them. Many things will be taught regarding the ethics, religion, mind, morality and modern culture. So philosophy is a vast subject and very theoretical in nature.

    So whatever subject one chooses the essence is to excel in it. The academic life will not be satisfying and fruitful if one does not excel in ones interest area.

    Philosophy is also a good subject for teaching and one has to acquire certain qualifications as detailed above before applying for teaching or lectureship.

    Knowledge is power.

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