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    Confused between choosing career in BIW fixture design or product design

    Aspiring to take up a prosperous career? confused about shifting from BIW fixture design to Product design? On this Ask Expert page our ISC experts shall provide you with suggestions and advice to decide among the two careers.

    I am a BIW fixture design engineer having approximately 2 years experience in a startup company. I am doing 3D concept design. I am getting a very low salary package.
    Now I am confused that can I get a good career hike in this industry or not? Still i can't find perfect guidance for my future. Should I change my company?
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  • BIW design engineer with 2 years experience. should continue in the same line. Now if you change from design to product whatever experience you got will not be counted for a job in product design. You will be considered as without experience candidate only. It may not give you any hike.
    After completing the education and when you start your career only you might have thought about this but not now. You might have joined in a big company instead of a startup company. You continue in the same Organisation and search for a good company in the same line and prepare very well for selection.
    Till such time you continue in the same job and never resign before you will get a good job.

    always confident

  • Today the job condition in our country is not very conducive to the freshers coming out of the colleges or universities.

    So the freshers are getting low salary jobs only. It is happening with lakhs of people coming out after completing their education.

    Those who are getting experience, switching the organisation on the first opportunity.

    So be patient and keep a watch on job portals and see where your experience is matching. You will get an opportunity to switch to a better-paying company.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • There is an emphasis in our country on the designing of fixtures for the manufacturing structures and there are potential upside in it especially in 3D designing and space management.

    BIW (Body in White) is the visualisation of welded structure for a manufacturing process where the functional elements like engine, chassis, exterior and interior parts are mounted.

    Under the make in India thrust the BIW area will also have more activity and it will be prudent to stay in it for some time. Changing stream is not so easy in todays cut throat environment.

    You are in the design side which is an interesting work. If you are not satisfied with the present compensation then you can find other functional areas in your company related to BIW work. For example a marketing and field oriented position may be more lucrative from remuneration point of view. In that case you will have to pursue a part time diploma in marketing and consumer handling.

    So keep a tab on the job portals also so that if you see some good company advertising jobs in your line of experience, you can apply there.

    Some of the companies providing BIW solutions and which can also be a prospective employer are as follows -
    1. Parimal Tooling Systems, Nanded, Pune.
    2. Kudale Engineering Works, Bhosari, Pune.
    3. Robspot, the BIW Domain Institute, Rahatani, Pune.
    4. AB CAD Consultancy Private Limited, Sector 13, Gurgaon.
    5. Adh Drawings, Kurla, Mumbai.
    6. Inventive Engineers, Bhosari, Pune.
    7. AES Engineering Limited, Sector 7, Noida.
    8. Magnus Global Tech Private Limited, Basaveshwarnagar, Bengaluru.
    9. Design Iye Services, Bhopal.
    10. Collinear Design Solutions, Thirunindravur, Chennai.
    11. Fugenic Engineering, Balamrai, Secunderabad.

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