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    What is the difference between BE and BTech??

    Confused between BE and BTech degrees? Interested in knowing the detailed difference between the two degrees? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses from Experts and resolve your confusion.

    I want to study aeronautics but not understanding the difference between BE and BTech.
    Which one is better B.E. or BTech and which college is better for this and where will I get the job after doing this?
    Which between (aerospace or mechanical ) have more jobs?
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  • This is the most common question coming in the minds of the engineering aspirants as B.E. and B.Tech. are more and less same courses. In fact, many institutes have similar or almost same curriculum for them.

    Yes, they are similar but there are some subtle differences between them.

    Comparatively B.E. is more theoretical than the B.Tech. In B.Tech. more emphasis is given on skill based knowledge and practicals. Industry visits are compulsory in the B.Tech.

    B.E. is more near to sciences but B.Tech. is inclined towards technologies.

    Practically these degrees are valued same by the prospective employers. Only thing which matters is the reputation of the college and score of the student.

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  • For all practical purposes, BE and B.Tech are considered the same. Some Universities say BE and some universities say B.Tech. Both are four years of courses. For example, Osmania University awards BE degree whereas JNTU H awards B.Tech.
    In olden days only courses having Technology were called B.Tech. Andhra University used to award B.E for all Engineering Courses but B.Tech for Chemical Engineering where a lot of Chemical Technology was taught to the students.
    It is an impression of many people that B.Tech is a superior course than BE. But it is not correct. If you see the Curriculum of BE (Mechanical) and B.Tech (Mechanical) you will find hardly any difference.
    Industry application will be taught more in B.Tech than in BE.
    But for government jobs or private jobs or for teaching jobs, both the degrees are treated equal and there will not be any preference to any one of the two degrees.

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  • Basically, there does not exist any difference between the two courses since in both the courses cover the entire syllabus as suggested by the eminent academics and finally approved by UGC and AICTE. However, we have seen that IITs confer B.Tech degree whre as others award the degree of B.E.
    Hence one should not be guided by such a misconception that B.Tech is superior than BE.
    Choosing a right institution for continuation of Engineering courses is definitely vital since apart from the theoretical courses, they provide industrial tours where the aspirants would be benifited with direct exposure of the concepts being employed in the industry. Such application of the technologies would benifit the aspirants immensely in learning the courses.
    Top institutions such as IIT,
    It is always better to select a premiur institution for the persuasion of the course since by doing so there would be possibility of the enrichment of practical knowledge employed in the different industries. Instead of rushing to a wrong conclusion of superiority of the courses, it would be better to opt for an eminent institution for the overhaul benifit.

  • Which one is better B.E. or BTech?
    1. Both are good but if you see foreign developed countries prefer grade point system which earlier used to be offered through B.Tech. colleges and most autonomous institutes. But it has changed recently and B.E. level also you get GPA.
    2. B.Tech. is more industry demand driven syllabus. So think like BE is pure and B.Tech. is hybrid version. Although most B.Tech. colleges has greater amount of placement percentage than BE.

    Which college is better for this?
    IITs and most autonomous engineering colleges offers B.Tech. if you compare with others. Check in google or prospect of after 12th CET, IIT JEE and Autonomous institutes combined CET prospects.

    Where will I get the job after doing this?
    All kind companies offers placement to both BE and BTech. Important is companies should arrive to your campus.

    Which between (aerospace or mechanical ) have more jobs?
    Mechanical engineering has more jobs. If you see aerospace engineering has less colleges than mechanical so you can imagine who would have more jobs offers.

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  • As of now It is just a naming trick for marketing.
    It is only a clever way devised by some private institutions to exploit the reputation of the IITs and turn in their favour. While the normal engineering colleges under B.E course were giving academic and theoretical learning more, the technology institutions were giving more practical and advanced technology training to their students. This made them better employable and they got better placements. Though initially a very few institutions tried to give good technological teaching like the IITs, by and by after the advent mushroomed self financing colleges, it became just a naming game and misnomer.

    So as of today,except for the premier institutes like the IITs or some very few top class technology institutes, BE and B.Tech are practically same.

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