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    Resetting of laptop, removal of files and PC crash related

    Facing a laptop crash? Worried about what would happen to files saved in download folder or saved images? Check out this page for responses from out ISC experts and decide how to restart the laptop and restore all data.

    When I reset laptop, it was completed upto 21 percent and failed thereafter.
    Will the files saved in downloads folder be lost ?
    How much files will be lost with the resetting completed upto 21 percent?
    And in another PC crash issue, will the saved images in PC be lost?
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  • Resetting a PC and a PC crash are two different things.

    When we are resetting the PC it does not harm or delete our personal files. What it does is it will uninstall the applications so that we can start afresh by installing them again. In your case it has aborted after 21% so what you can expect is some of the applications might have been removed by this and you have to again reset it to get rid of all other remaining applications.

    If it does not work then you will have to go to a qualified professional in this line.

    PC crash is a problem we encounter many times and you can restart it in safe mode and do your work. It is difficult to find out the reason for PC crash as it happens sometime due to some glitch in the hardware or software system and only the repair engineer can find out the reason after running the diagnostics.

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  • PC crash may be due to a problem in hardware or software. There are many reasons for computer crashes.
    A computer crashes due to faulty hardware. computer hardware lasts longer and may fail after long use. Many computer parts that fail will become hard: CPUs may burn, power supplies explode. Such computers may crash down.
    But sometimes one of the components in the computer may experience glitches. Some of these glitches are temporary and some may repeat themselves with regularity. When the glitch is absent, no malfunction is noticed. When the glitch is present, odd behaviours or crashes may happen. This glitch may be also some problem in your software also.
    This is nothing to do with your computer resetting.
    The resetting process is nothing but formatting the computer and it removes the applications and files installed on the system. Then reinstalls Windows and any applications that were installed by your PC's manufacturer. if you want all the new programmes to be installed you have to do it again. Resetting your PC removes any applications and files installed on the system as well as any third-party device drivers and personal settings. Because the resetting process removes all personal documents from the computer, you should back up your files first.
    I advise you to contact an engineer who is in the repairing activity of computers and go as per his suggestions.
    I discussed this problem with my son who is an IT specialist and he says resetting will remove all the files you on the computer and so back up is required.

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  • Assuming you are using Windows and talking abut system restore than reset. If you save restore points for restore in future then you can use these restore points.
    Now going back to you question. If during restore system crashes then yes you will lose data which are OS specific.
    Restoring won't affect your personal files, but it will remove apps, drivers, and updates installed after the restore point was made. So you can relax and next time better try option in safe mode.

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