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    Is it a good idea to shift from the State Board to CBSE in Class 9?

    Worried that your son has not done well in a State Board school and wish to shift him to another Board in a residential school? Find out from experts if this would be an ideal move to help him improve in his studies.

    My son is studying in a Maharashtra State Board school. Now he is promoted in 10th Std. As per school result ( of 9th) he performed poorly in all subjects (almost failed) but still the school has promoted him to 10th class as per the Government rule.

    Now I am worried about whether he will perform well in the 10th exam. I am thinking to put him in 9th Std. in a CBSE board school in a reputed hostel. I don't know whether he will perform good or bad. He is not concentrating on his studies and I am expecting he may improve with the hostel lifestyle. The hostel is decent as it is located in Panchgani, near Mahabaleshwar. The question is will he adapt to the CBSE pattern and improve his academic record? Will the shift in curriculum help him?
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  • This is a problem faced by many parents and the parents feel that change will bring some change in the academic interest of the students but I do not feel so. The problem is the inherent disliking of these students for studies.

    So, we have to think some solutions based on psychology and mindset of these students. They feel that studies are a burden on them and parents are forcing them for studies and troubling them.

    Changing the stream or type of college or syllabus may not be of any use in such cases and what is actually required is to find out what is the interest area of the student. Is he interested in music? or athletics? or cricket? or business? What is his interest? It is very important to find out because he will be successful only in the line where he has some interest. It is also a fact that people do efforts and work hard only in the areas where their interest lie. Passion is required to get success in any line.

    Once we know his interests we can slowly motivate and encourage him to go for learnings in that area and once he picks up things there will be no looking back.

    I will like to share a real life incident with you here. My cousin failed in class 12 science miserably. He had no interest in science. He opted for arts and finally did his M.A. in History with very good marks and got lectureship in a university. Due to his involvement in the development of some villages in the interiors of Uttarakhand state he was awarded Padma Shri also.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thanks for your answers. You are right. We have not give him any burden to do study hard and get 80-90% marks.
    Anyway thanks for your time for give me example as well. I will think on this.

  • Probably putting him in the hostel and admitting him in the 9th standard of CBSE syllabus is not a correct solution for the problem, I feel. Sometime it may give bad results also. I personally feel that he should be under your supervision only. That is the best option and think in those lines only.
    My sister failed in 8th Class. I and My elder sister were also studying the same school. All the teachers counselled my sister and told her she should concentrate on studies. In the same year, the AP State government has abolished the detention scheme after 7th to 10th. So my sister was promoted to 9th Class. She has taken it as a challenge and she studied well and passed the tenth class with very good marks. Here the point wants to convey is the mentoring of the teachers worked well.
    So What I suggest is talk to him convincingly and understand what is the problem for him. If he is not interested in any subject tell him that once 10th is over he can choose any subject he wanted. You can arrange a good tuition teacher so that the subject in which he is week will be better explained and special care can be taken.
    After completing SSC you can put him in the field which he is having a special interest.

    always confident

  • Changing the mode from Maharastra Board to CBSE Board would not help your son in the real improvement in his studies so long he does not understand the basic concepts of the subjects. Considering the cirriculam of the subjects in each Board, there would not be much variance in respect of material - contents.
    Hence it would be better for you to sit down quietly with your son and resolve the issues being faced by him with a frank deliberation. Discuss the issues which are distracting him in understanding the core subjects. Behaviour of the teachers of the concerned subject too plays a vital role in easy assimilation of the text and hence cordiality and affection of the concerned teacher would go a long way in the faster comprehension of the subject - modules.
    You may have also meeting with the teaches teaching different in the school and get a feed - back of tye attitude of your son and seek advice how he can come out of the present impediment.
    Alternatively, deploy teachers having sufficient repute and command in the respective subjects and at the same time, their main thurst is to create interest in the subjects with their painstaking labour.
    Shifting your son to Hostel would not solve his problem and may be while doing forcefully such an act will aggravate the entire issues. Take your child in confidence to settle the issues permanently.

  • I want to add that your child requires counselling and motivational guidance. He should not go in a negative territory.

    You have to treat him tenderly but be tough creating in his seriousness towards the studies or career planning. He must understand that if he does not work hard he will not get a job and he will not have the materialistic facilities which he is enjoying today with your money. Once he gets the point he will be fearful and will start thinking in that direction.

    Until unless this faculty is not developed in him he will shirk from studies and responsibilities. So the parents have to be tough and help him realising the value of studies for eating a job. The child will himself come out and offer that what he likes and dislikes.

    If parents feel that they are not able to do this delicate job themselves then they can take help of a qualified child psychologist.

    Knowledge is power.

  • A student is around 14 years of age when he/she studies in IXth Standard. He/She has been accustomed to the old school and a group of friends. Now, he/she is in a crucial stage of life and the student is also mentally preparing for the Board examination.

    I seriously feel that at this crucial stage, you, as the guardian, must not shift your son to another and in a different Board (in this case, CBSE). Such a hasty decision at this crucial stage may do more harm than good to your son. You may continue your son in his old school in the State Board, guide him properly for good result in Xth Board Examination.

    Thereafter, you may shift him to CBSE (XI-XII), if you find that necessary at that point of time.

    Come as you are!

  • Do not change school or board now. Alternatively you can get him suitable support by getting him coaching for the poor subjects. A change at this juncture will be only counter productive. In the same state syllabus he will have at least continuity. If he puts some more work and if he is given some real good support he can come out with good grades.

    Putting him back by one class( i.e .putting him in 9th of CBSE) is going to rob one year from him. That can be costly later. However there is also a chance that he improves if given special coaching and other support. If after that he fails let it be so. It can be a practical lesson to him.

    However you may review and analyse the real p[problem-whether it is deficiency in teaching, bad company,or any other problem. Then try to remedy that. It will also be worthwhile to discuss with his well wisher teachers too.

    It may not be prudent to send him to hostel also, unless he is losing time on commuting from home to school and back.

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