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    Which is the best course for getting ahead after a long break of studies?

    Completed your graduation some years ago and have experience in an IT job but now wish to go to the next level in your career? Check out the advice and suggestions provided at this Ask Expert page to know which course would be the best option to pursue to get ahead.

    I have done my B.Sc. in Computer Science in India. It has been 6 years since I graduated. I have worked for a couple of years recently related to IT. Now I want to take my career to the next level. For further studies what would be the best program for me to follow up and where?

    Since I'm not an Indian, it should be an internationally accepted one and I'm currently staying in India.
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  • For better advice and suggestions, it would be good to know if you are keen on continuing in the IT/allied fields only or would like to pursue something else as per some specific interest or job sector which you have in mind. Also, mention generally where you are currently based in India so that guidance can be given on some good institutes in that city/town if a course is suggested or is it that you would be willing to relocate anywhere else in India to take it up?

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  • I am staying in Chennai and I will consider relocating depending on the cost and other factors. IT field is my first choice since I have no idea about other options.

  • You have done your B.Sc Computer Science and worked in IT related field for 2 years. Are you not working presently? If so, why did you discontinue the job you were doing? To have a better career you should not discontinue a job without getting another offer. It is difficult to get a job but changing a job is easy. You should keep this point in your mind always. How you have spent these years after B.Sc. That also you have not mentioned in your question.

    The following courses will be useful for you to get a job in IT related companies.

    1. Web designing is a good area for those who want to work independently. These courses will educate you about various elements of making and maintaining a site. Coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc. will also be taught to you in the course.
    2. VFX and Animation courses deal with topics like visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics etc. These days the demand for these courses increased. The chances of getting a job will definitely increase with this course.
    3. Software and Programming Language courses are also very good these days to increase the job potential. To develop software programming languages like Java, C++ etc. should also be learned. There are many jobs in this field these days.
    4. A tally is accounting software. Tally courses teach you how to use tally efficiently. Tally is being used by many big companies and the Government offices and organisations use this programme for many of their financial applications. The number of posts is there for the people who are familiar with this subject.
    5. Cybersecurity courses deal with methods that will ensure the safety of people and businesses online. Once you complete this course, you will have many opportunities as a 'security specialist' of the computer systems. You can also work as an ethical hacker or security auditor.

    The related courses are available online or there are institutes like NIIT where you can inquire and get admitted into the course. Once you complete these courses you will find a job easily.

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  • IT has emerged as one of the biggest area and it has good job potential also. As you have already experience in this line you can think of making a career in IT and some of the areas where you can look up to add additional qualifications by going for certificate and diploma courses and then try a job are as follows.

    1. Computer Applications - This area is full of work related to computer science and mainly covers creating files and spreadsheets,
    managing images and data,
    working with Web design programs, desktop publishing, graphic design and presentations.

    2. Learning coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc - This skill is related to web designing and has good potential.

    3. Animation - If one has a creative mind and interest in animation then this is another area where one can try his career. It covers subjects like visual effects, 3D technology, graphics etc.

    4. Accounting Software - This is an specific area giving scope to work in companies handling the accounting transactions. Programs like Tally can be learned in such courses.

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  • You have a degree in computer science and you have some working experience also. Now you want to enter the IT field again to pursue a career.

    At this juncture it will be prudent to go for some short term computer course of your liking so that you can keep pace with the latest development in the area as you were not in the academic touch for quite some time.

    So there are a few options like going for M.Sc. in computer sciences which will give you an advanced knowledge of this area or go for some computer courses which are very popular today and are also lucrative from job point of view.

    Some of the areas which you can consider for your knowledge enhancement before applying for a job are as below -

    1. Database Administration - It is one of the most common but most important area in IT field and in this course you can learn the techniques of database administration, monitoring, maintenance, security, upgrading, configuration or installation. Every company or organisation wants to have its database in the best of shape and there they need the professionals to manage it.

    2. Application System Analysis - This is the course paving ways to become an application analyst who is supposed to take control of administration, monitoring, and maintenance of software infrastructures and applications. He has to look after the applications which are useful to the organisation for MIS or other information systems.

    3. Graphic Design and Web Design - If you have interest in design and graphics then this is the right course. After completing this course one can learn the skills in the area of interface design, graphic design, web graphic design and user experience design. This course covers some SEO techniques also.

    4. Digital Marketing - This is also a very important area which has picked up very fast due to its potential as a marketing tool in the internet by giving the consumer the marketing choices and options right at the mobile device or tablet the consumer is using. Today the business environment is switching to digital platforms and in that light this course is very prospective.

    5. Computer Systems Analyst - In this course one can learn using computers and related systems to design new IT solutions, modify or enhance existing systems and
    integrate new features or improvements in the system. One has to learn about the current business practices also to use these skills to apply to the business solutions.

    6. Web Development - In this course one will learn the basic techniques of creating websites and run the corporate website or blog etc. The course also covers developing e-commerce sites and SEO techniques. The web developer course includes the fundamentals of PHP and MySQL configurations also.

    7. Games Development - If one has an interest and passion for gaming then this is also a career line in IT area. It covers creation and production of games for personal computers, devising game consoles, creating social/online games, arcade games etc. Art and animation are the part of a game creation and are a prerequisite for this course. This is comparatively a crowded area and one can make place only after a lot of hard work.

    8. Financial and Accounting Softwares - This is an area especially for the B.Com. people but if one has interest in this one can go for some courses like Tally ERP9, SAP or some other such course useful for financial and accounting work.

    9. Cyber Security - This is really one area which has taken up the front seat in IT technology as the data protection and system integrity has become the most important concern in the companies or the organisations. This course will equip the person with security measures and precautions to be adopted in the big computer system to avoid any attack from the hackers or other malicious softwares. The area has immense potential for growth as there is a shortage of qualified people in this line.

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  • Its best you have completed your B.SC. in computer Science in India and there is a experience for about six years and also work experience in IT field for two years. After B.SC people tend to choose M.SC in Computer Science or a M.Sc in Software Engineering field for further higher education. This course is a Post Graduate course and
    its for two years from the date of joining the course. There will be theoretical and practicals with this course and also the student has to handle a project at the end of the 4th semester or end of the second year education.
    In the meantime while doing the Masters degree its a good idea to take up the industrial education from the NIIT, Aptech for a industrial education in the IT field.
    So that it will be helpful for finding a job after the graduation with good package. There are some languages like C,C++,Java, Core Java mostly essential for programming in any field. Apart from that python, Joomla, web designing, Designing for flyers through Adobe Photoshop is essential for the talents to get good package in the industry.
    Develop personality development, aptitude test training, interview training questions will be helpful to obtain which company will be good for you. It takes some time to achieve these courses and also to make yourself a master in the specified interest.

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