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    Eligibility for State Government jobs

    Want to get clarification regarding eligibility for state government job? Looking out for eligibility in terms for qualification and age? Find responses from our ISC experts here for all your queries.

    I am seeking an important clarification in respect of State Government jobs. A young man who is born, brought up and educated in Delhi (school, college and university) is planning to apply for some State Government jobs in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Panjab and Haryana. He is otherwise eligible (qualification-wise and age-wise) to apply.

    My question is whether he is eligible to apply for State Government jobs of other states being born and brought up in Delhi. What is the rule in this regard? Can a candidate born in a particular state apply for State Government jobs of other states?

    Proper and logical answer supported by extant rules will be appreciated.
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  • There are no standard practices in these matters and they differ in many aspects from state to state.

    Some states have a quota of post reserved for their own candidates who have a domicile certificate of that state. Only remaining seats will be given to the candidates from other states.

    In many of the states they do not consider the SC/ ST/ OBC of other states and these outside reserved category candidates have to apply against general category.

    Karnataka has announced last year 80% and 100% reservation for the local candidates in 2 different categories of its state level services.

    So there is some lack of clarity and ambiguity in these things and one has to go through the detailed notification of jobs advertised by the respective state Govt where all the eligibility conditions are mentioned.

    There is no fix formula that a candidate can follow while applying in such cross state situations.

    I just want to mention, which all of us already know, that there is no such problem in UPSC, Railways, Banks and Central Govt jobs including CPSUs.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Generally, many States reserve 80% of the total posts available to the local candidates. Even within the State, there are zones. The candidates belonging to that will be considered as Local Candidates and 80% of the total jobs available to them. The remaining 20% of the jobs are for all. They may be from that Zone, or from the other Zones of the state or from other states. This is the policy that is being implemented both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The other States in the South are also following more or less the same policy. So most probably all the States in India are following the same procedure.
    So the young man from Delhi can apply for all the Stated and his application will be considered based on the rules that are existing within the State at that moment of time.
    Another important point SC/ST / BC and other reservation in State Government will not be applicable as per the policy. They all will be considered as Non-Locals.

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  • I would like to clarify that the young man is from General (Unreserved) category and he is not eligible for any benefit under any reserved quota. He only wants to know whether he can apply for State Government jobs outside Delhi.

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  • Outside candidates are allowed to apply in any state in our country but the only problem is some of the states have some preferential treatment for their own students and this preferential treatment is given to only those who have a valid residency certificate in that particular state.

    Now there is no fixed preference and it changes from state to state and type of job.

    In such a condition the candidate has to read the eligibility clauses very carefully and find out his chances of success after those limitations.

    If the state is not having sufficient professionals in a particular line they will happily take people from outside.

    A few years bach there was a big hue and cry as doctors were resisting to go to interior and remote places in Uttarakhand state. So the state was negotiating with Tamilnadu state to get some doctors.

    So there are preferences which are sometimes a discouraging thing for outside students but sometimes there is open arm welcome.

    Anyway what I can suggest at the present juncture is go through the details in the advertisement and the site.

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  • State government have different policies but most of the states are interested to recruit the people of their own state provided the post being advertised is having large number of responses with the people of the state.
    Further there is quota reservation for each section such as SC/ ST, economically weaker sections such as Women, Physically compromised people etc.
    So the due concession goes to the people of each section.
    Unless otherwise it is specifically mentioned in the advertisement aspirants from the different states can also apply and the selection - committee would consider the selection of such candidates having equally competent contributing significantly in the event of selection.

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