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    Failure in 11 but still wants to do 12 CBSE Board

    Desperately want to study 12 CBS board in spite of not clearing in 11? Searching for ways and means to do so? Scroll through this page for answers from your and resolve your worries.

    One of my friend has failed in 11th class CBSE from Kendriya vidyalaya.
    But he wants to get into 12 th class anyhow. Since he don't want to spoil or waste one year ,
    He is advised from someone that he can appear in 12 CBSE from a private school or public school by paying them some extra amount . They will promote him to 12 th class regardless of his failure in 11 th class from CBSE KVS.
    So my question is that will it trouble him in his future plans. Like when applying for government jobs or any IT sector job OR at any product based companies.
    Will he be caught while appearing in his boards. What else kind of trouble he is going to have in his future ?
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  • Your son is studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya. He failed in XI standard. Kendriya Vidyalaya will not accept failed candidates to promote to the next class.
    There are many private schools who will give direct admission to XII standard without seeing the failure in XI standard. But they may want a School Leaving Certificate from the previous school as XI passed. But Kendriya Vidyalaya will not give that. So you have to convince the management of the private school to admit your son to 12th Class.
    Another option is to appear 12th exams as a private Candidate and he has to get prepared in the house. He can have tuitions outside from the people who teach the subject from their houses.
    But all depends on how your son can cope up. As a parent, you are the best person to understand the capabilities of your son and then take a decision. If can't cope up, it will become a wasteful experience.
    You assess him properly and feel that he can cope and clear the 12th examinations in one attempt, then only you use this chance of appearing for the 12th exam. Otherwise, you need not to worry about one year of getting wasted. It will be difficult for students to clear 12th without sufficient hard work and knowledge.

    always confident

  • This is a peculiar situation of yearning for moon without crossing the sky.

    Some private schools may agree to admit him in class XII and he can appear in the exam as a private candidate.
    But what is the aim of this exercise? Is it only to get a pass certificate in Class XII? If it is so then that certificate will not have any academic weight.

    The thing is that if the person has failed in XI he should find out his deficiencies and try to improve them and with hard work and efforts go for it again and get a good score and then enter the class XII. There is no issue of one year loss in this case as this one year is devoted to improvement. If he follows this he will have better options after class XII and he can think of making a career in any line.

    Even if the person is planning to just pass class XII and then take up the assignment in his father's provision shop then also now a days a basic education is required. Even for running a business, computer use and other proficiencies are required. Knowledge will not come by escaping from the studies.

    What I will suggest is, do not go for those short cuts as they will be a reason for life long repentances. These things a person understands only after getting maturity in life. A small mistake at this juncture can make a big bottleneck for career growth.

    Knowledge is power.

  • If you go through the question papers of CBSE of class twelve of previous years, you can notice that entire questions set are from class twelve only and in no way, it is going to affect his class twelve preparation. His failure of class eleven would not have any co- relation with the preparation of class twelve provided he accepts the challenge of completing class twelve with full dedication.
    He would be required to go through the text - books prescribed for class twelve apart from capable tutors in the different subjects to make the subject - content palatable. He should also practice the question- papers of previous years of class twelve and get the answers checked by the concerned teachers. This could indicate your overhaul performance and improvement in your preparation.
    So your son can start the course afresh with a renewed zeal understanding the concepts of the subjects of class twelve and hence in case of denyl of promoting to class twelve in the existing school, he can take admission in a different school allowing him to write class twelve with his own preparation guided by the experienced tutors.

  • Its not possible to understand the class twelve of CBSE without passing Class XI. Even though if the class XII is chosen and given training on the subjects there will a lag that standard XI was not cleared. Based on the experience of clearing standard XI, the standard XII will be understandable for the student.
    Based on XII securing marks the student can think about his future whether to choose the education as a Doctor or an Engineer, or any professional Education.
    Its better to help the student take up the exams in Class XI and the make him choose the class XII in the school.
    How ever confidence,smartness and hardworking will be there in those students and will be able to study standard XI clearly and obtain a good marks for the standard XII. So that the student will be able to understand the subjects of XII and study harder for obtaining good marks in XII also. Skipping XI standard and going for XII is not advisable for any student until there is particular experience in educations.

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