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    Can I shift from teaching profession to Industrial profession?

    Interested in changing your profession? Wondering whether one can change from teaching to industry profession? Resolve your concerns by scrolling through the responses from our ISC experts here.

    I have four years of experience as an assistant professor in Automobile and Mechanical field.
    Can I shift to the Industry with this experience?
    Will the Industries accepts the teaching background candidates?
    Can I get any references?
    Is there any better option for shifting the profession?
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  • From your data it appears that you are basically an automobile engineer engaged in teaching work related to same field. Teaching job is more and less theoretical in nature but it gives a good insight of the automobile engineering and with some practical exposure one can come up to the expectations of the industrial world.

    If you are serious to change your line from teaching to technical side then there are certain considerations and deliberations to be done before taking that decision.

    The first and foremost is whether you have an interest and liking for the technical or industrial side of automobile industry or it is only the stagnation in your teaching job and this aspiration is coming in your wandering thoughts time and again. Why I am asking this blunt but important question is because we generally work hard and dedicate our efforts only in our interest areas. You can go through the various case studies and case histories about the successful people in this world and you will find this fundamental element there.

    Anyway I assume that you have ample interest and curiosities in the technical side and you are ready to take up the challenges. So I will go ahead and suggest some job roles where you can try your luck to enter the industry and then with sustained efforts and hard work come up to the expectations of the management for further growth in the area.

    Today, the automobile industry offers many challenging and interesting roles to skilled and experienced persons. Some of the prominent ones are -

    1. Designing, development and manufacturing of vehicles.
    2. Creating blueprint of vehicles and its components.
    3. Maintenance and Services Engineers in automobile workshops, aircraft industries, aviation, marine vessels, and diesel power stations.
    4. Administrative and training jobs related to the automobile industry.

    I will like to draw you attention to the role at serial number 4 above where you have the experience and expertise. Just think of it.

    So, there are opportunities as the auto sector is poised for growth. The fossil fuels are going to be depleted soon and all the vehicles will be replaced by the electrical ones and it is in that reference that one has to concentrate and focus in the electrical vehicle area also.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Teaching in the Engineering - college such as Automoblle - Engineering would enhance your interest if the environment of the institution is conducive, you are surrounded with good faculties and have earned appreciation for your teaching. Only the limiting factor is the non matching salaries - often remain stagnant with the progress of time.
    Shifting the profession all of sudden may impact your career. You will have to visit the Automobile companies and take an internal assessment of the prevailing situation. Watch how the sales officers or the Maintenance - engineers are working over there and the exact shift pattern in which you are likely to rotate. Such observations are essential prior to taking final decision.
    These days the Automobile sectors in India is undergoing in the recession and in that situation your shifting will impact you heavily in terms of emoluments. Even the security of the job would be under stake in some cases.
    Hence you need to think over all these issues prior to taking the final decision.

  • There are companies in which people with experience in teaching will also be considered for R&D position. But the nature of the jobs in an industry and an academic institution are entirely different. Getting adjusted in an industry with a teaching background may be a little difficult. For many practical purposes, you will be treated as no experience. This may get embarrassment to you some times.
    One more thing is that you have not mentioned anything about your qualification. Are you a PG in Mechanical Engineer?
    Automobile industry these days growing a lot and good openings are there. But directly getting into a good company is a tough task with your experience. That is what may bother you. What I suggest is with your connections in the local industry try to get in touch with some automobile industries and make a visit and interact with the people working there.
    Then you will understand the difference in culture and pattern of work in an academic institute and Industry.
    My personal opinion is to continue in the present occupation that is teaching and try to shift to a better college and try to improve your qualification.
    That will give you a good way to progress in the education line and you can contribute to various industries with your background to develop and design various new items and you will have a lot of scope for development.

    always confident

  • Teaching profession is a noble profession. A real interest and involvement should be within one to select teaching. Sincere perseverance is required in this profession. It may seem in some places as teachers less paid but the honor to them never little. You have to think more than ten times before leaving this profession.

  • You have four years of teaching experience which is advantage for you. This will be helpful for getting job in industry however it will be difficult to showcase your real time experience. Though it is difficult to have real time experience you can show your expertise in theoretical fields which could be helpful for industrial work and can give assurance that your theoretical knowledge will be helpful to work on real time things with help of training or under observation. You will be having advantage of wide range of knowledge as you will have every bit of knowledge in particular subject due to teaching field.
    I wish you could use this approach positively and go with confidence. You only need to prepare well and understand working culture, products about company you are going for interview. This will help you to relate your knowledge and convince where and why your knowledge is useful in company.

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