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    Father name difference in my all proofs and fathers name

    Is there a name mismatch in father's name in any documents? Worried if this will create any issue in making passport or in transferring property? Check out this Ask Expert page and resolve your worries.

    What if my father name doesn't matches with the name in my every poof.
    Will it create problem in making passport?
    Will it create problem in property transferring from father's name to my name?
    Please answer me in detail.
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  • Whenever you go for a document verification session in connection with a job or higher education, then your documents should match in all respect. Mismatch of fathers name is also an issue.

    Now what you have to do is collect all the credentials of your father like his birth certificate, his Aadhar card, his PAN card, his driving license etc etc. Now check the name there. Is it same there or varying?

    Now check your documents. How the name of your father is mentioned in them. As per the details provided by you his correct name is not reflecting in your documents.

    One thing is you can go for a legal affidavit where all these facts are mentioned clearly and then it is to be signed by you, your father and then is to be signed by a court magistrate under his seal. Please remember that a copy of all the documents which are mentioned in the affidavit are to be annexed with it for the reference and they will be forming a part of it. You will have to take help of a lawyer for this.

    This affidavit is to be kept by you and to be produced wherever there is an issue of mismatch of the father's name in your documents.

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  • A mismatch in the father's name is always a problem in many issues. Your question is not very clear. Is it not matching in academic certificates or identity cards or in both? When the question is very clear only we can give you a correct answer. Is the name of your father is different in many proofs? First, you see the identity cards of your father is it same in all of them or different. Then you see whether it is different than what is the correct name?
    The best solution for all this is only one. That is getting an affidavit made. In that affidavit, you have to clearly mention your father's name and declare the correct name. However, you contact a good lawyer in your area and take the advice. Show him all the documents and explain to him the problem very clearly. Then he will guide you in making the document. You should act as per the advice of the lawyer and complete all the actions required so that afterwards there will not be any problem in any of the issues.

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