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  • Prospects of Digital Marketing (with a foreign language)

    Aspiring to change your career from IT to digital marketing? Looking out for detailed information about digital marketing, certifications, institutes which offer them, their value and job prospects? find responses from experts for your queries here.

    I am a French language expert having 8+ years of working and currently working in Accenture. I am a PGDM-Operations from IMT-CDL and a Six Sigma Green Belt certified from KPMG.

    I want to learn digital marketing but before joining any course for genuine guidance from industry experts for below mentioned queries.

    * Why Digital Marketing?
    * Considering my education, certification and experience, what kind of opportunities I can have after learning digital marketing?
    * Which institute to choose in Delhi/Noida? (I'd rather not like to join any online course.)
    * How can knowledge of a foreign language help with digital marketing?
    * Is certification in digital marketing from top institutes like IIT, NIIT, etc. important for getting job opportunities in companies like GOOGLE, Microsoft etc. ?
    * What are the chances of getting freelancing work as a digital marketer with/without a foreign language?
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  • Digital Marketing is a fast growing area and companies are using it to show their products and services to the prospective buyer right at the handheld gadget level. It is used by companies to promote their goods and services. This marketing has discreet advantages and it has good potential for the growth.

    For IT persons, this may not be a difficult proposition to switch to digital marketing. Only thing is one has to take up some good course to aware oneself about this new technique in the industry.

    There are good courses to learn digital marketing and its intricacies. These are available online as well as by attending normal classes.

    Some of the institutes for the digital marketing in the Delhi/ Noida area are as follows -

    (1) HTL Infotech
    Sector 2, Noida - 201301

    (2) Panache Internet Marketing School
    Sector 16, Noida - 201301

    (3) Redigitalize
    Sector 63, Noida - 201301

    (4) Sanfran Digital Mantra Pvt. Ltd.
    Sector 2, Noida - 201301

    (5) Delhi Institute Of Digital Marketing
    Moti Bagh, Delhi

    (6) NIIT
    3rd Floor, C 56 A/28 Sector 62 , Noida - 201301

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  • 1.Why Digital Marketing: This is the age of Digital marketing. The online marketing and online jobs and online transactions and everything is online only. As such there will be many good opportunities for the people qualified in the Digital marketing area. So I feel the people with this qualification will be on demand in the coming years.
    2. Opportunities for you: You have a six sigma certificate and a PGDM. You also have expertise in the French language. So you will have good opportunities for getting engaged by people if you have a qualification in Digital Marketing. These days many people are going for the implementation of the Six Sigma concept in their Organisation. So you can be a good mentor for those companies online and see that they will implement the concept. Many organisations want to go digital for the marketing of their products. So you will be useful to them. As you have expertise in the French language you can be Digital Marketing partner for many French companies where your expertise will be useful for translation from English to French.
    Your language experience will be an advantage for you to the people who wanted expertise in that language for their product marketing.
    Definitely, a certificate from a good top institute in Digital Marketing will help you in getting a job in a top
    You can work as a freelancer in Digital marketing. You will get good opportunities. The qualification in a foreign language will help you to get more opportunities.
    Good institutes in Delhi/Noida:
    1.Digital Marketing Expert Course: ADMEC Multimedia Institute is a well known digital marketing training institute in Delhi. It is offering Digital Marketing Expert Course. This is an advanced 4 months certificate course. You will have the following career options once you complete this course.
    SEO Expert, SEO Manager, SEO Project Manager, SEO Specialist, Social Media Optimizer, Link Building Expert, SEO Executive etc.

    Ring:+91-9811-81-81-22 ADMEC on WhatsApp

    2. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM): The course duration is19 modules 118Hours). This Institute is established in 2015. It is located in Motubagh
    3. Tackstack: The course is of 16 modules (Around 100hours). The institute is established in 2014. It is located in Saket.

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