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    How is rank of an institution of India decided?

    Want to know about the institution and university ranking process followed by MHRD? Searching for the factors considered for ranking and the scale? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you answers for all your queries.

    How do MHRD calculates the ranking of an institution? What are the factors to be considered while calculating the ranking? On what scale the ranking is done? Which are the important factors that are predominant in getting higher rank in India for an institution and university?
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  • The UGC formed an expert committee on 9 /10/ 2015 for developing a methodology for the ranking of universities and colleges in India. The recommendations of the expert committee have been incorporated into NIRF.
    The parameters have were divided into five broad heads or groups. Again each group was divided into sub-groups.
    The committee classified the institutions into two categories:
    Category A institutions: All institutions of national importance set up by Acts of Parliament, State Universities, Deemed-to-be Universities, Private Universities and other autonomous institutions.
    Category B institutions: These are institutions affiliated to a University and do not enjoy full academic autonomy.

    The approved set of parameter groups and the weights given to them in respect of institutions offering programmes in engineering, management, pharmacy and architecture are shown below

    Parameters Category A institutions Category B institutions
    Teaching, learning and resources 0.30 0.30
    Research, professional practice and collaborative performance 0.30 0.20
    Graduation outcome 0.15 0.25
    Outreach and inclusivity 0.15 0.15
    Perception 0.10 0.10
    The approved set of parameter groups and the weights assigned to them in respect of overall rating and for colleges are

    Parameters Overall Colleges
    Teaching, learning and resources 0.30 0.40
    Research, productivity, impact and IPR 0.30 0.15
    Graduation outcome 0.20 0.25
    Outreach and inclusivity 0.10 0.10
    Perception 0.10 0.10

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