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    Switching from SSC board to CBSE in 7th std

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    I wanted to switch my daughter from SSC board(Maharashtra) to CBSE.
    But there is one issue this school, it is newly opened & has classes only till 7th std.
    My daughter is in 7th std and if I take admission in this international school then my daughter will have to repeat her 7th as this is a new school.

    The main reason for switch is that I have taken admission for my son in 4th std. So I don't want any partiality with my daughter. In her previous school studies are deteriorating.

    My daughter first agreed for this change & hence I took admission by paying admission fee but now she does not want to go to the new school.
    Yet I have not paid fees & not taken out her LC
    Kindly suggest.
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  • Studying in Board School or CBSE will not make any difference for the prospectus of the student. They will have equal chances for their further education and career. All depends on the individual's hard work and interest in the studies. It is not a partiality if you are not changing your daughter to a new school to CBSE syllabus. Wasting one year will have many effects in future. If she has to do 7th class again she has to waste one year that means she will be behind by one year. Now the interest of the student is also important. If your daughter doesn't want to go to the new school let her not go. You don't force her to go there. Let her continue her in the present school.

    always confident

  • First I want to thank you for asking such a good question. But now please answer me that is it really make any difference if you are in SSC school or in a CBSE school?
    Actually school and the faculty members can only guide or help your children in their study. But the main job is to learn new things and preparing for exam is specifically a student's job. So, why you are thinking about changing school?
    Moreover your daughter do not want to change her present school . So,please do not force your daughter. the friends , the faculty members and the atmosphere of the school is comfort zone of a student. So, do not force your daughter to leave her comfort zone.

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