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    Which type of bread is better to eat on Breakfast?

    Confused whether brown bread is better than white bread or not? Check our experts' opinion on this.

    Which type of bread is better to eat on Breakfast? Brown bread or White bread. I mostly like white bread but nowadays people advising more to eat brown bread.
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  • White bread is being made by removing the bran and wheat germ from wheat and the flour obtained is bleached with potassium bromate, benzoyl peroxide or chlorine dioxide gas. Potassium bromate is hazardous and should not be inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Benzoyl peroxide, another is also harmful and cause low growth rate in plants, Chlorine dioxide is a pesticide and hazardous. All these chemicals are dangerous if used in large quantities.
    Brown bread having better nutritional values than white bread, These brown pieces of bread are made from whole wheat. Whole wheat contains more fibre. It will also have nutrients like vitamins B-6 and E, magnesium, folic acid, copper, zinc and manganese.
    Before buying the bread go through the details given on the label and see that the first ingredient listed is either whole wheat or "wholemeal" flour. Some manufacturers use caramel as an ingredient to change bread colour from white to brown.
    The bread which contains less number of ingredients and which will have whole wheat or wholemeal is the best one available.

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  • Given a choice bread is not a good food to be taken but if there is no alternative like oats or daliya or home cooked light snacks or chapati or paratha then we have to go for bread.

    Nowadays various types of breads are available in the market. The whole wheat flour or multiple grain breads are better than the usual white bread.

    The whole wheat bread has a better percentage of fibre also which is very good for our digestive system.

    So as far as possible we should go for whole wheat or mixed grain bread.

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  • Brown bread is certainly the choice of the health conscious people these days. The shift from whites to the browns these days is very much visible. While the white bread is stripped off the nutrition values, the brown bread is rich in that along with fibres. But one should also be beware of the brown colouring given to the white bread which could be even more harmful. The ingredients need to be checked to ensure the right purchase.

  • Brown bread being popular now a days is because of enhanced fibre and other essential minerals added in the brown bread. However, we should not be guided with the advertisements supporting the regular intake of brown breads. The biggest drawback in the processing of such breads are the colouring agents added deliberately to retain the brown texture at the cost of ruining our health. The caramel colour added for brown texture may cause severe damage to our life because of toxic chemicals.
    While comparing with the white breads available in the market, Brown breads are superior since these breads contain whole wheat and hence one may get added fibre content apart from essential vitamins of vitamin B complex, Zn, Cu etc .

  • It is always better to choose the food which has high nutritional values over the food which tastes better. Since brown bread is nutritionally dense, it is better than white bread which tastes better. Brown bread is made out of whole wheat. Thus, it is rich in fibre and is good for health. It is rich in nutrients such as zinc, manganese, magnesium, vitamins such as E and B-6, folic acid etc. White bread is devoid of all these nutrients and also has low fibre content.

    White bread is rich in additive sugars and thus has high calories. Brown bread, on the other hand, is low in calories and thus, it serves as a great alternative. Moreover, it has a low glycemic index and thus, it does not cause any sudden rise in blood glucose levels. Those who choose brown bread over white have a low risk of suffering from heart diseases, diabetes and obesity.

  • Prolong use of white bread is bad for health. White bread is difficult to digest and even it takes more than 24 hours. On the other hand, brown bread is good for health and for a change you can sometimes, use while bread. This is the reason while people are avoiding biscuits which are made up of white flour.

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  • White bread is made with the refined flour.

    Refined flour is commonly known as 'Maida' and is made from the ordinary wheat by removing its skin and other rough parts and then making a fine paste which is dazzling white and used in making all sort of tastier foods including white bread.

    Though very tasty, refind flour is not good for health as it lacks the nutrients and other ingredients which are essential for a good health.

    So it is advisable to use some fibre rich or multigrain bread in the breakfast rather than the white bread.

    One slice of whole grain bread approximately provides 70 calories, 4 g of protein, 132 mg of sodium, 12 g of carbohydrates and 2 g of sugars in addition to the fibres and vitamins.

    It is definitely a good substitute of white bread in the breakfast.

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  • Thanks all of you for explaining in detail I got all answer logically true but selecting best answer of Umesh. Thanks to all once again.

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  • Well we have one difference inhere & this difference carries a major cause in selection. The white bread is made-up of white flour or "Maida" which takes comparatively longer time for digestion but the Brown bread is made-up of Wheat flour which is easily digestible.

    If we are still interested for more than the process doesn't end here but a little inside our body there are complications & more activities like more usage of body resources which if continues for longer periods than our body can depict some negative consequences with rising in the bad cholesterol (LDL) resulting many health issues like weight gain, high blood pressure, mood swings. In addition this can also lead to weight gain resulting into obesity.

    This is not an end here but in the medical terms we can talk on the more serious consequences & therefore it is advisable to opt for the brown breads only.

    Perhaps we are not aware of the term "White poison" being used for white bread because of its aftermath implications on our body.

    But why then it's not possible for us to use more traditional varieties like the roti-sabji with some curd because you wouldn't have to think of the hazardous side because they simply don't have any.

  • If you have the alternative choice sufficient and easy, then select Brown bread.
    Actually it is similar to the difference between wheat Chapathi and maida roti/chapathi.
    The white variety is made of white all purpose flour Maida. That is a manufactured product and is reported to be devoid of the nutrients and is not good on stomach for long term regular consumption. The brown variety is made of the coarse brown wheat flour without adding any additives. So it contains more fibre and nutrients. It is advised by doctors that white bread is not good for diabetics.

    However you should ensure that brown bread is made of real wheat flour and not a colour change from baking or some other additives.

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