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    Should we consume homeopathy medicine during religious days?

    confused whether one can take homeopathic medicines during religious days since they are alcohol based? Want to know the honest opinion from the readers? Scroll through this Ask Expert page and get answers for all your queries.

    I take homeopathy medicines now and then for my health-related issues. But they are alcohol based.
    So should I consume them during religious days like navratre, etc.?
    I know it's upon our personal wish and believes, but still I want to know general and honest opinion over this.
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  • Some of the homeopathic medicines may have alcohol but I hope it will be very limited level and as prescribed by medical board so I don't think so it won't have any side effects irrespective of the day.

    Most of the people have negative sentiments over consuming alcohol during festival days especially our parents. In such case it is better to avoid those medicine and enjoy the happy time with family.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • In case, you are taking globules prescribed by the Homoeopath for a particular disease, the alcohol content is minimal since a few drops of the medicines containing alcohol is poured in the globules and the entire globules are shaken vigorously so that there is complete penetration of the said medicine.
    Now our mental level is different- for someone, consuming such medicines during religious days would not cause any negative thinking but for others, it would matter a lot.
    In such cases, listen to your heart.
    You may consult your Homoeopath for the change of potency of the prescribed medicine to either 200c or 1 M if the same is feasible and in that you can resolve your problem.

  • There is no relation of the Homeopathic medicines with the fast. In fact from that point of view no medicine is prohibited during fasts. Only thing is sometimes the modern medicines may harm if taken in empty stomach.

    A medicine is basically to cure an ailment and can contain the chemicals depending upon the disease. So one should take it from that point of view. We should not mix the religious sentiments with the medicine. In fact some medicines are made from such materials that you may not like to take them once you know their source and manufacturing process.

    In Homeopathy, a mother tincture is used to wet the small sugar balls with the liquid medicine as it is convenient to take the sugar pills time to time. Homeopathic medicines are based on an entirely different principle of Vishasya Vish Aushadam (poison is to be given albeit in little quantities to cure the condition created earlier by that poison only).

    The interesting part is that the Homeopathic medicine is given in minuscule quantities and by reducing the concentration the potency is increased. It is not scientifically ascertained but it is believed that these medicines help people in getting some ailments as cured.

    Whatever it is, it is one of the established curing mechanism in the world and many people regularly take these medicines. In the Homeopathic literature there is no mention of it whether it can be taken during fast or not.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Medicine should be taken regularly. Whether it is homeo medicine, Ayurvedic medicine or Allopathic medicine, we have to use it as prescribed by the doctor. Alcohol is a very common ingredient in many allopathic syrups and other medicines also. There the alcohol content is high. I remember during NTR's government AP banned liquor. Those days many people used to purchase these syrups which contain alcohol as an ingredient and used to drink. Even in Ayurveda also fermentation of grapes is a process to make a medicine called Draksharistha which is very good for decreasing heat in the body. When we take a particular item as medicine we need not worry about the material. Same is the case with homeo medicines also.
    The quantities we consume in homeo medicine are very very minute and need not worry about taking them. It is not correct to link the religious and other matters with medicines. Each material in the world will have some specific properties and we can utilise them for useful purposes. Even Poison is mixed in some medicines which will cure the ailments when we use them as medicine. But medicine is to be used as medicine only. We can't consume them in large quantities which will create further problems.

    always confident

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