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  • Self-drive rental car agencies in Kerala

    Are you looking for the list of best self-drive rental car agencies in Kerala? Follow this thread to find the list of best rental car agencies in Kerala which offers cars without driver.

    I am looking for a self-drive rental car in Kerala. Are there any legally authorised rental car agencies in Kerala? If anyone knows, please share the list of self-drive rental car agencies in Kerala.

    I am looking for only government approved rental agencies which offer self-drive rental cars. Also, please let me know what are the documents required to take a rental car in Kerala. Do I need to surrender my password to take a car?
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  • There are hundreds of small and large rental car agencies in Kerala. But the problem is, most of them are not government approved agencies. Many of them are just private operators which offer cars on rent with or without a driver. Those agencies will ask you to give a blank cheque or other documents before they give a car to you.

    My recommendation is, always go for legally operating rental agencies even if it costs a bit higher. There are only a limited number of authorised rental car agencies in Kerala.

    List of government-approved rental car agencies in Kerala

    1. IndusGo - the most popular and largest car rental agency in Kerala. Owns more than 200 cars in its fleet.

    2. Zoomcar - an old player in the car rental business. But have a limited number of cars and branches in Kerala.

    Check out this car rental agencies in Kerala.

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  • If you are booking the car online or through an app for a self-driven car, you have to pay a security deposit after reading all their rules and regulations. You have to select the checkbox if I agree with the terms and conditions before you proceed for the final payment of the security deposit. This security deposit is refundable. The entire price of your usage of the self-drive car will be taken once you complete your drive. You can pay that online or in cash. Then you will have to upload a copy of your driving license. Once the car company approves your order, you will have to wait for the car to be delivered at the pickup point. You better carry Voter ID, Passport or Aadhaar card
    There are many car rentals in Kerala for self-drive. The following are government recognised.
    1.TranzCars is a joint venture of 10 leading travel operators in Kerala with highly reputed service experience. TranzCars is a division of Trust Pilot Trans & Trades PVT LTD. They have a fleet of top quality vehicles ranging from hatchbacks to premium sedans. Their cars are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more details, you can visit Their Phone number is 9895041111
    2. Zoomcar Self drive car rental- Kalavath Road Parking Lot
    Address: 32/1510, Kalavath Road Edapally, South village, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala 682025
    Hours: Open 24 hours iPhone: 075111 9944

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  • There are lots of car rental companies available in Kerala. Unfortunately, the government approved car rental agencies are really few. It's always wise to choose the services which provide authorized rent a car in Kerala to avoid the risk of driving. They may ask you the driving license and Identity proof like Voter ID or Aadhar Card. If you are a foreign International you will also require a Passport. Few of the government approved companies are:

    1. IndusGo
    2. Zoomcar
    3. AVS Cars
    4. Traz Cars

    Even though the Zoom cars are the pioneer in this field, their services are limited in Kerala. But IndusGo is a reputed car rental agency, where they have a wide range network in all cities and Airports in Kerala.

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