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    What things to be cautious about when you travel to Leh?

    Planning a trip to Leh? Looking out for tips, specific instruction, hiring vehicle, booking hotels or home stay, tourist attractions and nay hidden charges? Find all the advice from out ISC experts for planning the trip here.

    Planning to Leh in month of May is most expected and weather ranges between 21 degree Celsius max to 7 degree min. But apart from that what things to be cautious about when you travel to Leh? Like about hiring vehicle , booking hotels or home stay , visiting places, hidden charges and most important not falling pray for any lure and lost your stuff or money.
    Please give your good / bad experience and advise.
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  • Travelling to a new place always makes us excited and worried at the same time about the stay, food and other items. One of my friend recently travelled to Leh region and travelled in world's highest motorable road in his bike. Here are some of the tips and important points he mentioned to us.

    1. Leh is one of the farthest region in the country. It means everything available is bit costly compared to rest of the country so plan to accommodate such extra cost in your budget. Enjoy your journey and don't worry much about money.

    2. Having a local guide will be always helpful. If possible try to hire a local guide or plan all the things like places to visit and stay upfront.

    3. Travelling is the biggest challenge in Leh. People from other regions would easily get dizziness or vomiting sensations while traveling. Please make sure you have necessary medications as you may not see many pharmacies around while traveling.

    4. Read the reviews about hotels or home stay in online. It would give you a clear idea before booking.

    5. Highest motorable road in the world is under the control of our Indian Army and they will be very helpful from travel guidance to emergency medication.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • Carry as much as possible on the trip to Leh as the month of April and May are different from the rest of the year. During these months Leh is usually out of supply and usually sustains on what is left over. Basic things too are difficult to find during such period.

    1.) First and foremost important thing is to get acclimatized. Atmospheric pressure in Leh is low and the body needs to be adjusted to it. High altitude and low atmospheric pressure should not be lightly taken. Thus, it is always advisable to reach Leh via road. In this way, the body does not have to experience high altitude. Increase in altitude takes place gradually. Irrespective of whether one has chosen to visit Leh via road route or a flight, make sure to rest in Leh for a couple of days before visiting places of higher altitude nearby.

    2.) Carry oxygen cylinder especially when visiting highest motorable road in case if suffering from breathing problems.

    3.) Carry warm clothes. Whether it is jackets, sweaters, thermal wear or socks, caps and muffler made of wool, make sure to carry enough of them to keep you warm. Goggles, lotions, lip balms, sun hats are also advised to be carried along.

    4.) Carry medical kit which should contain medicines for fever, dizziness, headache, stomach ache, vomiting, a few bandages and other medicines which an individual takes if suffering from the specific condition. One can find medical stores in Leh. However, if travelling to nearby places, one may find it difficult to locate one.

    5.) While on sightseeing make sure to carry enough water and eatables along with you. Do not drink heavily or smoke to dehydrate the body. Dehydration at such high altitudes can bring in serious problems.

    6.) Carry printouts of hotel reservations and tickets. Access to the internet is a challenge and thus carrying copies is advisable. Do carry photo id and photos of passport size as visiting a few areas in the region do require a permit.

  • Leh is one of the safest places in India.
    The roads are not that good. There will be many deep pits on the road. By any chance in the night if the power goes you will be in problem. So carry torchlight with extra cells.
    You may have to walk quite a bit. So if you have any problem in walking you think before planning a trip there. Take more water and eat frequently. It will be good visiting this place in winter but it will be extremely cold.
    There are many landslides. So you should be careful if you want to drive on your own.
    It is important that you should get adjusted to the atmosphere there. So don't go directly on the first day itself. Darcha is the place where you can stay for a night before you go above 3000meters height. Then only you can go to Sarachu and Pang. Not allowing your body to adjust to the atmosphere there may cause altitude sickness. Stay a minimum of two nights after flying in before going higher.

    You enjoy the following during your trip there.
    1. Trekking in Ladakh. There are many numbers of trekking routes.
    2. White-water rafting on the Zaskar and Indus rivers is also organised from Leh.
    3. River rafting in the steep gorges of Zanskar River.
    4. Yak and Camel safari
    5. Skiing and Biking on routes such as Panikhar to Kanji.

    always confident

  • Leh is an arid area at high altitudes in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a place having Buddhist influence and there are old Buddhist buildings there.

    Leh town is the main town in the area.

    Due to high altitude about 3500 m the temperatures are low and on an average hovering around 3 to 6 degree centigrade. The humidity is low at 50-60 % and generally winds blow here with average speed of 6 km per hour.

    In earlier times it was a trading place for the passing caravans.

    As this is a cold place one has to keep sufficient woolens and protecting clothing for head, neck and feet.

    Those who have health problems especially in high altitudes should take preventive medicines with them.

    It is always advisable to go to such places in a group. If a doctor is accompanying that is the best combination.

    One should keep some instant energy items like boost and bournvita and some snacks which can be used in emergency.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Leh is a high desert area in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a famous tourist place known for its Buddhist sites and trekking activities. Leh town is the capital of the Leh Ladakh region and well known for the 17th century Leh Palace and the old bazaar in the town.

    Though there is always a fear of terrorist activities in the Jammu and Kashmir state but there is no such fear in this region and the local merchants are well equipped to hold the increased rush of tourist at any time. Even during the Chinese incursion this place was not affected.

    Summer is the best time to visit Leh and the rainy season is to be avoided as there is a problem of movement due to road blockages.

    People visit here even in winters when the whole of the area is covered with snow and trekking on the snow has its own charm.

    One who is interested to visit here has to take certain precautions so that the trip becomes a pleasant experience. Some of the things we must take care and plan beforehand are -

    1. Always keep a list of medicines with you, which you often require so that you can purchase them from the local stores in emergency. It is advisable to keep some basic medicines like pain relievers, anti burn creams, digestion tablets etc so that in emergency you need not to run here and there.

    2. Keep a kit with you containing some basic items like water, cloth pieces, paper sheet, pen, address and phone numbers etc. Do not rely on your mobile. It is an electronic equipment and if it goes bad you will be handicapped.

    3. When you go to a remote place like Leh, be always in a group and never be alone. In a group you get enormous strength of a united energy and that is required when you have some problem whether physical or financial.

    4. It is better to avoid small kids when one plans to go there but if it is unavoidable then one has to keep the child's essential kit to manage him.

    5. People who are not habitual of long walks should not take up the challenging trekking options as it becomes very strenuous and is health challenging and may yield adverse affects.

    6. During the outing it is always advisable to take light and healthy foods to keep the body in a good shape. You can not have home made food when you are travelling but taking fruits and dry fruits and boiled items will help in keeping oneself fit.

    Knowledge is power.

  • One of the most visited terminuses in India, which is located in the Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is as a 'Cold Desert' and also known for its Tibetan Buddhist nunneries. It has a Tibetan culture & has very low atmospheric pressure.

    Attractions to visit in Leh :

    1. Leh Palace
    2. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa
    3. Shanti Stupa
    4. Hemis gompa
    5. Basgo
    6. Alchi Monastery
    7. War Museum
    8. Cho Khang Gompa
    9. Chamba Temple

    From Leh a day trip

    1. Zorawar Fort
    2. Ladakh Marathon
    3. Datun Sahib
    4. Magnetic Hill
    5. Indus River - Zanskar River Sangam (confluence)
    6. Pangong Tso Lake
    7. Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve (Tsomoriri Lake)
    8. Hunter Valley
    9. Sand Dunes Nubra
    10. Siachen Glacier

    Temperature :

    During winters (December to February). Leh is at an Altitude of 3524 meters, it connects NH 1 to Srinagar in SW and Manali in South. goes down up to minus 30 degrees in Leh Ladakh. The effect of the Sun is more here due to the higher altitude & thin air.

    Transportation Facilities:

    A. No Railway currently to Ladakh

    B. By Road

    Leh is connected to India by 2 roads which are very high altitudes
    1. Leh-Manali highway (not recommended)
    2. Srinagar via Kargil highway

    C. Airways

    1. AirIndia & Go Air operates flights to Leh from Delhi

    Mobile phone Facilities:

    It is better to take a post-paid sim best option is BSNL, MTNL and at last Airtel. If you are carrying Prepaid it will work up to Srinagar, thereafter prepaid doesn't work. It is difficult to get a connection in Ladakh but you will find a good connection in Leh with a post-paid one.

    Permit :

    For traveling Leh you have not required a passport but for entering into a restricted area a protected Area permit is required which can be obtained by a registered travel agency. Better to have extra copies of the permit as they are required for submitting at checkpoints.

    Emergency Medicines :

    One should always carry required medicines like for fever, stomach ache, headache, and others. Further, altitude mountain sickness is quite common here. Carry medicines like Diamox, Aspirin or Disprin for this problem.

    Altitude Sickness:

    This is one of the major problems everyone faces during the trip of Leh Ladakh. Don't be hurry to climb the mountain area. Take rest for a few minutes frequently. Don't take air through your mouth while climbing (it means breath only through the nose, some people while climbing they open mouth & take air inside).
    Carry a CAMPHOR piece (Bigger pieces Available in the market) These act like a big oxygen cylinder in hand. Very helpful when there is a breathing problem at higher altitude places.

    ATM facilities :

    Always it is important to carry liquid cash in pocket, the last ATM you will find is on the Manali-Leh highway, after that In Manali markets, you will find SBI, PNB. Credit cards are not accepted.

    Identity Proofs & Extra :

    You need to carry multiple proofs like PAN, Passport, Voter Id. it is best if you carry an HD camera because the scenery here is outstanding can store your beautiful memories in high digital. carry extra power banks, batteries, chargers.

    The main language in Ladakh is Boti, Brokshat, Changsha, Balti, and Shina.

    Summers are the best season to visit Leh Ladakh i.e from May to September

  • Leh is mostly covered by the mountains with a rough geographical structure. Also, it is known for the coldest atmosphere during the winter season.
    You should carry certain medicines while going on a trip to Leh. It includes medicines for fever, stomach ache, headache, pain killers and others. You can carry medicines like Aspirin to treat mountain sickness which is common for travellers going to Leh.
    You have to note the contact numbers of police stations near Jammu which easily available on the internet. It will help you if any unwanted things happened during the travel. In Leh, BSNL internet easily available and if you move ahead of Leh, like Sri Nagar, Kargil and other northern parts, your internet can vanish.
    It is better to carry Cash in hand. this is because the service of ATM /Bank is limited in Leh. Even many vendors will accept only cash.
    There are many military checkpoints on the way. So better to keep your identity cards intact or else it will affect the smooth travel.
    The roads can be damage in every winter in the Himalayan region ( other parts has an excellent road system always). So you have to expect landslides, road blockages and heavy snowfall etc which can delay the travelling hours.


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