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  • Recent Enrolment in B.Ed and completed Masters in English

    aspiring to become a school teacher? Confused whether private school can appoint a teacher who is having open University BEd degree? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the advice and get to know the eligibility criteria.

    I have studied Masters in English from Indira Gandhi National Open University and passed in March 2019 and right now I have enrolled myself in B.Ed in English from WBUTTEPA.
    Will private schools in Kolkata appoint me as a Teacher now?
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  • Yes. Private schools will never insist for BEd. But the payments are not as per government schools. So you can try. Already you have completed your MA. So you are eligible for lecturer post. You can write NET and get qualified so that you will become a lecturer with UGC scales. No BEd is required for lecturer post. Otherwise there are many private colleges who will offer lecturer post to PGs. Of course salary may be somewhat less. You can start working in a private college and register yourself for PhD. Once you complete your PhD you will be eligible for lecturer post with UGC scale and no NET is required. I prefer this route than working in a school and doing BEd. Of course individual's ideas and opinions will differ. You can choose the best course of action and go ahead.

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  • Teaching profession is much sought after jobs be it a school or a college and you need to fulfil the criteria either for the school or for college fulfilling your qualification in each stage.
    Now you have already cleared your M.A. degree in English and are interested for being absorbed as a teacher in the school. You may continue in this profession. You may contact the secretary of the said school and apprise him of your future planning that you are likely to complete B.Ed as well in future. If appointed, you will gain experience in the similar line and with the acquisition of the B.Ed degree, you will be entitled for the enhanced scale. With your growing experience, you will be absorbed in different schools with a higher pay - scale.
    However, if you look your future horizon, it would be better if could qualify NET making you eligible for the post of Lecturership in a government - college. Please see if you fulfil the eligibility criteria in respect of percentage of marks in the qualifying examination ie it should be 55 percent for general candidates and for SC/ ST it should be around 50 percent.
    Upon clearing the NET, you can be absorbed as a lecturer in a constituent college and later persue a Ph.D degree for your better growth in terms of emoluments and promotion.

  • Open University B.Ed degree is a valid certificate and you can join the government as well as private organizations. All you have to do is meet the requirements of the selection criteria.

    You can also work on your own by opening a coaching institute and help students wanting to clear B.Ed

    You can also pursue higher education by going for M.Ed and PhD

  • No, It mandatory to complete B.Ed. before March 2019 for getting a teaching job in any government or private school in India. And you have enrolled in B.Ed., it means you will get the B.Ed. degree in the year 2021. So, according to rule, no private school can hire you as a teacher.

    But as you have completed a master degree in English, the private school can appoint you on any other post and give you the classes for teaching. But they can not show you as a teacher in any document.

    So, I will suggest you contact the principal of a private school and ask him for the same. You will not be paid a higher salary as you are not a trained teacher. Once you will complete your B.Ed., you will be hired by any private school and also will get a good attractive salary.

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  • Nowadays it is difficult to get a teaching job without doing B.Ed. You can try to get a temporary job in a private school or coaching centre but for a regular job the B.Ed. degree is required.

    For Govt schools one has to, in addition to B.Ed., qualify in 'Teacher Eligibility Test' conducted by the respective state governments or 'Central Teacher Eligibility Test' conducted for central government schools.

    However as you have already acquired a M.A. degree, there is another route open for you and that is National Eligibility Test (NET) and if you qualify in that you can apply against the lecturer vacancies advertised by so many institutions and colleges in our country.

    If you have interest in research and can complete PhD then after that you can directly apply for lectureship in universities and colleges and in that case you need not to go through NET route.

    So you have to wait till you complete B.Ed. but you can try for a temporary teaching job as a part time in some private school or tuition centre and earn some money on the sides of your B.Ed.

    Please do not hesitate to join a small teaching job as it will give you experience which is the most valuable thing in this line.

    Here, I will take liberty to quote my own example as I had worked as teacher for a few years before shifting to other job. After doing my M.Sc., I was desperately searching for a job but due to the tough job condition at that time (it was the year 1972) I was roaming here and there. Somehow, I got a temporary teaching job. When I started preparing for the teaching I found that there are many things which I have to fully understand and learn before I teach it to the students. Within one year my knowledge and experience was much more than when I joined there as a fresh teacher. Believe me, this tremendously helped me in building my confidence and knowledge and within 2-3 years I left that job and switched to a better one.

    So, it is only when you do things by yourself, you know where you stand and then only learn and get experience.

    So go ahead and all the best.

    Knowledge is power.

  • B. Ed degree is a foundation stone for getting a job as a teacher in the education department. However, you can get a job in private schools as a teacher but since you are committed to being a teacher, so B.ed is a must for you. This will help you in teaching students as well in get promotions in the department. You have completed masters in English from IGNOU and that is fine. Later you can continue to apply for NET/SET exams for being eligible for a lecturer in colleges or universities which UGC conducts.

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