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    What are the home remedies for Psoriasis?

    Suffering from psoriasis? Looking out for home remedies apart from allopathy and homeopathic medicines? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the suggestions provided for resolving this skin ailment.

    Psoriasis is a skin disease problem. I want to know What are the home remedies for Psoriasis? My one friend has Psoriasis issue he tried English medicine but it give relief for some times now he started Homeopathic treatment now some improvement there but how to control it by self or home remedies.

    What are the reasons for happening Psoriasis ? Please give some detail to analyze it.
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  • Psoriasis is a disorder of condition of skin and manifests as red, flaky patches on the skin. It is a common disease but difficult to cure though there are natural methods to manage it. The word psoriasis is derived from a Greek word 'psora' which means 'to itch'.

    It generally appears in the age group of 15 to 30 and remains there for lifetime. It is equally prevalent in men and women.

    The source of this disorder lies in our immune system. It occurs when the immune system works erratically and triggers growth of skin cells. It is believed that the genetic factors as well as immune system play important role in development of this disease. It is characterised as an auto-immune disorder.

    As per the modern medicine studies, it is believed that due to certain erratic immune signals from the T cells (these are a type of white blood cells in our body for fighting infection and disease) in the body such disorders can take place and generate psoriasis symptoms.

    Though there is no cure for it but there are many home remedies which help in managing the conditions of psoriasis. Some of these are -

    1. Aloe vera - Aloe-vera gel is a tested remedy to reduce the rashes and scaling of the skin. The dermatologists advise to use it 3 times daily to affected parts. It will show its effectiveness in 3-4 weeks time. Aloe-vera gel is soothing and reduces the skin lesions.

    2. Dietary Supplements - Some of the supplements like Vitamin D, Fish oil, Primrose oil, Oregon grape etc are helpful in decreasing the psoriasis symptoms. This has also been advised by the National Psoriasis Foundation. It will be better to take the guidance of the doctor in this regard so that he can suggest a better supplement regime seeing the individual health condition.

    3. Apple Cider Vinegar - This also helps in bringing the symptomatic relief. Massaging the affected parts with diluted apple cider vinegar with a little of warm water is helpful. Some people take a warm shower by mixing half a cup of this vinegar in the bath water. This reduces the itching considerably.

    4. Epsom Salt Bath - In this method we have to mix a cup of milk and little epsom salt in the bath water (lukewarm) and take a bath with it. This helps in reducing the itching and reduces the scales etc. After the bath we have to lightly moisturise the skin.

    5. Tea tree oil - This oil has also beneficial results in psoriasis. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil in water and with the help of cotton balls just apply it to the affected areas. Leave it overnight and wash off next day. After washing, apply some natural moisturisers like olive oil or coconut oil. This procedure is to be done on a regular basis to achieve the good results.

    6. Turmeric - Turmeric is one of the common items available in our households and is well known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and liver cleansing properties. In psoriasis, the daily consumption of the turmeric (at least 2 teaspoons a day) with water or juices is very beneficial and if taken for a considerable time shows a lot of control on psoriasis.

    In addition to the above home remedies there are certain things which are to be taken care. The first thing is for those people who are regularly smoking and drinking, it has to be stopped. This is important as medically it is established that likelihood of getting psoriasis is more in such persons.

    Other thing is lifestyle and food habits. Today in the market there is a lot of adulteration and we are consuming many chemicals, colours and additives through consumption of fast and junk foods. This habit is to be minimised or curtailed as they are the main reasons of immune deficiencies. One has to inculcate habit of consuming healthy foods rather then the spicy, tasty but harmful junk foods.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Psoriasis does not begin at skin level. It affects skin but this autoimmune disorder begins in the immune system. It is a recurring one. It causes the skin to become flaky and red. T cells are one of the types of white blood cells. Their main function is to prevent diseases and infections in the body. In the case of psoriasis, T cells by some chance become active. As a result, other sorts of immune responses are set off by them. Consequently, symptoms of psoriasis can be seen in the person.

    1.) Moisturizers
    Apply moisturizers. They are helpful in preventing dryness and plaque formation on the skin. Moreover, keeping skin moisturized will prevent itching. One can choose from any thick moisturizer available commercially to petroleum jelly. Aloe vera will do the same. Keep skin moisturized so that water is locked into it which in turn will help it in healing and as a result redness will eventually decrease.

    2.) Chilli peppers
    Capsaicin is present in chilli peppers. It is the ingredient that makes it hot and spicy. However, it also does the trick and decreases the inflammation, pain and redness when applied topically.

    3.) Oats
    Grind oats and apply on skin. One can also add it to the warm water in a bathing tub and soak in the body for some time. It helps skin to heal and relax.

    4.) Seafood
    Try to consume seafood which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as tuna, salmon and sardines. Fish oil supplements can also be taken. These remedies help to reduce inflammation.

    5.) Olive oil
    Apply some olive oil on the skin topically and let it rest for a few minutes. Massage it on the scalp. It helps to loosen plaques. Take a shower after massaging the scalp. Soaking body in olive oil is also a good home remedy as it heals the itching by deeply penetrating plaques and scales.

    6.) Decrease stress
    Do not entertain stress. Try to remain as much stress-free as possible because stress worsens the condition. Try to meditate and follow simple techniques that can calm and relax the mind.

    7.) Follow healthy eating
    Best home remedy for psoriasis is to concentrate on daily diet. Try to include foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lots of nuts, seeds, and fish in order to get rid of inflammation that is caused by the condition. Eats lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating too many carbohydrates, saturated fats, red meat, refined sugar. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

  • Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition. It will cause the rapid buildup of skin cells. This buildup causes scaling on the surface of the Skin.
    Around the scales, you will find Inflammation and redness. These scales will be whitish-silver. They develop into thick, red patches. Sometimes you will find bleeding from these scales.
    In some people, the skin development will be fast. Hence the skin cells don't fall off. Hence the build up skin cells will happen.
    These scales will develop in joints like knees, elbows. hands, feet, neck, scalp and face. It is very likely to be
    associated with other conditions like type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and heart disease

    The following may help you in getting this problem cured.
    1. Dietary supplements may help in reducing psoriasis symptoms from the inside. Fish oil, vitamin D, milk thistle, aloe vera, Oregon grape, and evening primrose oil may help to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.
    2. You should Prevent dry skin. Always maintain some humidity in the atmosphere to stay in. It will prevent dry skin. Skin moisturizers are good to keep your skin oily. Best moisturiser is Coconut oil.
    3. Most soaps and perfumes have dyes which may irritate your skin. They also inflame psoriasis. It is better to avoid such products.
    4. Avoid meat and fatty snacks. Cold water fish, seeds, nuts, and omega-3 fatty acids are helpful for curing psoriasis symptoms. Olive oil may be applied to the skin.
    5. Hot water is not good for this skin. A lukewarm water with Epsom salt, mineral oil, milk, or olive oil is advisable. Apply Moisturizer soon after you had your bath.
    6. ultraviolet light therapy is good for reducing this problem. It requires some sittings with the doctor. So you contact a skin specialist for this light treatment.
    7. Yoga and meditation are good for releasing stress. Higher stress may flare up psoriasis. So try not to have stress and practice yoga and meditation.
    8. Drinking alcohol is not good for this problem. Avoid alcohol.
    9. Turmeric is the best medicine for this problem. Take turmeric powder in your vegetables and other foods. You can apply turmeric paste wherever the skin is affected. It will give a very good result.
    10. Never smoke. Smoking will flare up this problem. So please don't take any tobacco products.
    11. There are very good medicines for this problem in Homeopathy. You please consult a homeo physician who can give you good medicines and suggest the measures to be taken to come out of this problem.

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  • Thanks for sharing all your views or answer. Its really helpful I will advice to other to apply all your tips and tricks to get benefit early .

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • Psoriasis is a skin disorder resulting in red patches on the surface of the skin and often creates burning sensation. The most unfortunate part is that this disease cannot be remedied by the allopathy system. Even though it may appear that at the initial stage of declination of the symptoms but it resurfaces again on discontinuation of the medicine.
    This disease calls for life style changes with the intake of non spicy food and strict adherence to vegetarian diet. There are certain effective herbs to minimise its worsening effects.
    1) Since this disease results from weak immunity and hence every effort has to made to strengthen the same. Guduchi is known for the alleviation of all the three doshas in the body and hence its consumption in the empty stomach either in the form of leaves or tablets of any Pharmectual company would minimise the effect of the disease.
    2) Neem leaves do have antifungal, antibacterial and the germicidal properties and hence regular consumption of Neem leaves in the morning would help in the purification of blood.
    3) Two table spoon of Aloevera followed by one table spoon of Amla juice juice if continued for six months can produce positive result.
    4) Consumption of fish - oil, walnuts, Almomds can dilute the intensity of the disease.
    5) Get your Vitamin D level checked and in case of deficiency follow the dose as prescribed by the physician.
    6) Turmeric is known for the elimination of the toxins from the system. Hence make it a routine to consume around half teaspoon of turmeric along with hot milk in the night.
    7) As far as possible Avoid Alcohol and Red meat since in such conditions, there could be aggravation of the disease.
    8) You may approach an experienced Homoeopath for the effective treatment of this disease and analysing your symptoms, he would prescribe medicine and you may get complete cure of this disorder.

  • Applying pungan oil is highly effective in such cases in addition to vitamin E tablets. This oil is available in all country medicine shops and even in amazon. is the link through which one can get the oil. Mere applying on the affected parts regularly is really an effective one and practically proved.

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