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  • A students of NEFTU wants to apply as a teacher in Kolkata schools.

    Planning to join as a teacher in any school in Kolkata? Wondering if a student from NEFTU can apply? You can check out the eligibility criteria and if one can join a government school on this Ask Expert page.

    A friend of mine has completed Masters in English from (NEFTU) North East Fortier Technical University and presently he enrolled himself in B.Ed from WBUTTEPA.
    And he wishes work as a Teacher.
    So can he drop his CV in the schools in Kolkata?
    Will any school appoint him as a teacher?
    Doesn't have to be a Government school, he wants to apply in any private schools in Kolkata.
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  • Your friend has completed a Master degree in English but has not completed his B.Ed. which is the mendatory degreed after March 2019. According to RTE rule and regulation, he cannot be appointed as a teacher in any government or private school.
    The English teacher is not easily available in India. So the school principal can appoint you on any other post and provide you with the classes for teaching. But at the early stage, you will not get a good attractive salary, after B.Ed. you will be provided with a good attractive salary.
    So, I will suggest you should contact the principal of a private school and ask him for the teaching job. You will get experience which is necessary for every teacher. On the basis of experience, you will get a teaching job in a reputed school in future.

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  • There are many private schools in Kolkatta where they offer teacher posts to graduates and postgraduates in their schools. But they will not give government pay scales and salaries will be less only. So he has to start working in such schools till he completes his B.Ed.
    Masters in English are eligible for English lecturer posts in Junior colleges and degree colleges. So he can apply for those posts also. while working in those colleges, he can appear for NET examination and if he gets qualified in thst examination he will be eligible for lecturer post in Government colleges and Private colleges with UGC scales. When your friend works in Private colleges simultaneously he can work for his Ph. D. Once he completes his PhD the chances of becoming a Professor of English in any University will become more.

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  • B.Ed. is a mandatory qualification for making a career in teaching line. However till he completes his B.Ed, he can try to get a part time teaching job in a private school or coaching centre etc.

    As he has already done his post graduation, he has another option to go for National Eligibility Test (NET) after qualifying which he can apply for lecturer ship in colleges and universities.

    If the person is having a bright academic career, it will be advisable to go for NET.

    If the person is having interest in research then another option could be to go for PhD in an interest area and after completing that one can directly apply for lecturer ship without going through the route of NET.

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