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  • Confusion regarding my future Study and Career.

    Aspiring to take up a career in astronomy? Confused about this branch and its comparison with engineering and BSc? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you with advice and detailed career guidance about how to proceed further.

    I have just completed class 12th from CBSE.
    I am baffled regarding the next step. Due to my health and some personal problems I wasn't able to prepare for JEE but I am a bright and curious student. I am pretty much attracted to Astronomy and after observing such a huge crowd towards Engineering and unemplyement rate I don't want to pursue Engineering anymore. Should I still opt for BTech or go for BSc? Can I take BSc in Astronomy or Astrophysics directly or I need to do something else?
    Please suggest me the best options.
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  • Today the job position is really very tight in our country and for applying and getting a job so many qualified people are there aspiring for it.

    You have to take up the things in a patient and arduous way as anything done in haste will not result in fruitful returns.

    I think this is the high time to identify your interest and passion area because a person can only work hard when he studies or does work of his liking. So this is a crucial thing to know - what is your interest area?

    Once it is known then you can chalk out the further plan in your life by selecting an appropriate line.

    As you have shown interest in Astronomy, it will be a good idea to carry out B.Sc. in Astronomy. This course is generally of 3 years duration.

    Some of the famous universities for B.Sc. Astronomy or Astrophysics are Osmania University, Hyderabad, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and Punjabi University, Punjab.

    After doing B.Sc. in Astrophysics one can try to enter as a researcher or scientist in many reputed institutes and universities. Some of these institutes are - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Niels Bohr Institute.

    Let us see other options also that is other than Asttonomy.

    One thing which is a bit difficult but very rewarding is the competitive exams. You can go for ordinary B.Sc. or B.A. as per your choice and then try for various competitive exams. There are so many exams including state administrative services as well as central services. So if you prepare for one of them it will help you in appearing for others also. For competitive exams you have to prepare slightly different by increasing your GK and practicing logical and analytical analysis along with the optional papers.

    If you have interest in law you can think of making it as your career as there is a demand of lawyers in the corporate world. You will have to do the law course after your XII. This course is generally of 4 years duration.

    Are you interested in teaching, then you can go for graduation and then B.Ed. after which you can apply for teaching jobs.

    So there are various options and one has to select it as per the interest or liking.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Good. These days people are thinking only BE/B Tech or MBBS are the only courses after 12th Standard. But there are very good courses in B.Sc also where you will have a very good scope for development. However, whatever course you study you should be getting good percentages and you should get the hold on the subject. Then there will not be any problem for getting a job. A right choice, of course, a sincere attempt to understand the subject will give your better chances to get a good job.
    WIthout any hesitation, you can apply for B.Sc Astronomy or Astrophysics. There are many good universities are there offering this course and the course duration is 3 years. Once you complete this course you will have good opportunities for employment. There are many institutes in India doing Research on this subject and you can be taken there as a Technical Assistant with your graduation.
    There are many posts like Bank Jobs where any graduate is eligible and many engineers are also opting for this job. You can apply and if you get selected you will definitely have a good career.
    If you want you can do a PG course in the subject and that will open up very good chances for you in this line. You can get a good job as a scientist in research organisations. You can become a lecturer by writing NET exam after Master degree. Even you will get a good amount of fellowship if you work for your PhD after M.Sc.
    Otherwise, you can do BEd and join the schools as a teacher.
    I suggest you go ahead.

    always confident

  • Success in any field is dependant upon your efforts made in the similar line and once you have finally decided to opt for Astronomy after analysing the slug gif prospects in the engineering field.
    Astronomy is the relatively new branch for which the aspirants have developed immense interest in learning the various concepts related to this field . Some universities offer the degree of Astro - physics as well and the courses in both the cases are of the three year duration. Some of the universities offering this course are Osmania University, Andhra University and Punjab university. Since the entire subject will deal with positioning and Confugaration of the planets and you should be familiar with different formulaes employed in Mathematics including Dynamics. This will help you in assimilation the different modules of the subjects.
    Once you complete the course successfully, you may be absorbed as a scientific officer in the Atomic Energy Commission Mumbai or even you can land in a job as a scientist in the central government job.
    You must be sincere in your approach while choosing your career in this field.
    Other options may be promising in getting a lucrative job even in this competitive market.
    By doing a graduation regardless of the stream, you may opt for the Probationary Officers Banking job with the right guidance of a professional institute.
    If interested for the job of Lecturership, acquire a post - graduate degree with at least 55 percent marks and then appear for NET so as to have your absorption in the constituent college.
    You may also try for the state - level civil service with your full involvement in this direction.
    If you want to be teacher in a high school, take up the B.Ed degree with a recognised university with the minimum 55 percent marks so as to face the interview of a teacher in the government school.

  • I want to appreciate you first for choosing different path than other and which you are passionate about it. This is really good thing that you are taking your interest to another level.
    As you have mentioned that you are looking for some other courses than Engineering then B.SC is best option where you can get specialization in astronomy and if you want go for more deeper or higher aspiration then you can do Masters too. However I really likes your interest in Astronomy as it has changed beyond its limit. Earlier Astronomy was unknown to people as it has different aspects but in today's changing world people are able to understand astronomy in not only about fortunes or dosh, dasha kind of thing. There are lot of other things which relates to our life and by following few astronomical ways life can be smoother or can have change in positive way.
    There are still few people donot trust on such things like astronomical rules, regulations but doing specialization it will be easy to reach out people and give unknown aspects of Astronomy.
    Its just suggestion from my end if you are interested in Government sector jobs. Why cant you go for some competitive exams where there are great opportunities but most of us not aware about it. This not only makes you life better and secure but also makes you proud by contributing to Indian Government sector.

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