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  • How to get implemented 1% reservation for Orphan in Higher education in Maharashtra

    Are you wondering how to encourage orphans o take up higher education? Searching for detailed procedure to implement reservation for orphans? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the responses and decide how to move ahead.

    I, myself brought up as an abandoned and Orphan under SOS Children's Village, Pune. After the age of 21 years I left the SOS CV and started living independently. After coming out from SOS CV I got the Gandhi Fellowship through that I could save some money for my higher education. Now I am studying of Ph.D in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Alongwith this I am also actively working for the Orphan and Destitute children and Youth development in India. Related to that we have been gathering the data and identifying the issues of Orphan. In that mostly there is a huge challenge amongst the Orphan that due to not having mentorship and financial support they are not coming into higher education. I managed to come till Ph.D due to my aspiration, commitment and the support I got from my mentors. But nowadays I am also facing some challenges to complete my Ph.D. As we know that since 2018 the Maharashtra state government made resolution to implement 1% reservation for Orphan in Higher education and in the employment. Although I have got the Orphan certificate but in ground there is no any implementation to access the benefit of reservation in higher education. So kindly help me to get some clarity on this.
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  • The government of Maharashtra has announced this 1% reservation to Orphans very recently. When an Orphan who got selected in the interview and couldn't make it for the job, the Chief Minister has announced this. One has to get Orphan Certificate is to be obtained from the government. The Orhan has to apply through the home where he has grown up and the government will give this certificate. This will be looked after by the Women and Child Welfare department of Maharastra Government.
    Whenever there is an advertisement from the State Government under their control, an orphan can apply and he has to attach his orphan certificate and can apply under that reservation. The fees details and all that will be included in the advertisement and the same is to be followed. Based on the total seats available the number of seats reserved for Orphans will be calculated and seats will be arranged accordingly. If an Orphan gets a seat in General quota, the reserved quota seat will be given to the next person. If there are no orphans the seats will be allocated to General candidate based on Merit.
    This is how the system goes and you have to do the needful.

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  • I already knew all these and I already have obtained Orphan certificate, but although there is a tough process to get Orphan certificate and after having Orphan certificate there is no any support for us in higher education.

  • It is true that Maharashtra Govt had announced to implement 1% reservation for the orphans in higher education but unfortunately its implementation in real terms is still to see the light of the day. You can make a certificate that you are an orphan but what next. What are the exact benefits which one can claim in terms of scholarship or financial aid? These things are still very obscured and there is still lack of clarity on that.

    As per a 2011 study, India is supposed to have a large number of orphan children about a whopping 20 million) who do not have any identity card or citizenship card to prove their credentials. There is no clear cut identification of these orphan children and they do not know whom to approach for making an Aadhaar card or driving license or anything equivalent to that. In the year 2006 a United Nations report told that these numbers of orphan children are 35 million.

    In absence of the identification document these people find problems everywhere whether it is finding a job or going to vote for a political party.

    In 2011, a pune based lawyer made a PIL in supreme court and supreme court ordered all the states in the country to reply their actions taken in the matter. In 2012 Maharashtra Govt passed a resolution for 1% job reservation for the orphan children in the state.

    So, an orphan after making a certificate can apply against the state Govt vacancies and avail the 1% job reservation benefit.

    As the problem of identification is still lurking one has to give legal affidavit or certificate from the court or certificate from the orphanage regarding the nationality and caste etc.

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