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  • Can I do 2 master degrees simultaneously?

    Confused whether one can do two degree simultaneously? Searching for detailed information about its possibility and if it will add value. Look out for a good career by going through the advice provided by experts on this page.

    Actually after completing BBA I have planned to do MBA in regular mode and MA personnel management and industrial relations in correspondence.
    Whether it is useful for my future? Or what can I do now improve my knowledge according to my degree MBA General.
    Also I want to add value to pursue job after master so I want to do something for my career.
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  • The rules of University, UGC do not permit the students to pursue two masters degrees simultaneously.

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  • As of now, the rules of UGC are clear. Pursuing two degrees bachelors's are master's are NOT allowed by UGC.
    Please check this at the UGC website.

    There are many universities offering dual degree programs, wherein the candidate studies partly in India and rest in a foreign country. This gives exposure and a chance to study and interact with a university overseas. It broadens the understanding of the subject and can be used to gain more details regarding education and a career. Why don't you check out a few of these for your stream and then discuss with your teachers or professors form BBA to guide you further?

    Some examples are

    1.SPJMR offers a global management program ( This enables one to get a MBA with a MS from the linked university.



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  • The students were always demanding that they should be allowed to undertake two degree courses simultaneously. This was considered by the UGC for quite some time and it was decided that though the student can not undertake two regular degree courses simultaneously but they can be allowed to take one regular course and one course in correspondence or distance mode.

    So if a student has joined a regular course in a university or college he can also take up some certificate or diploma course in correspondence mode.

    The restriction for two regular courses simultaneously still exists. So, the mode of education is the important thing if one is trying to pursue two courses simultaneously.

    Now you are planning for MBA in regular mode and MA personnel management and industrial relations in correspondence mode. This is a good idea but you have to see your capacity and capability whether you will be able to carry out these two courses within the same time frame. You should be careful as your scoring in both the courses can be affected by this ambitious planning.

    Many people do part time job along with their higher education but the job pressures sometimes makes a toll on the scoring in the examination. Today, if your scoring is not good you will not be having bright potential for the jobs. For campus recruitment you require an extraordinary scoring. These points are to be considered before going for two courses simultaneously that is one in regular mode and one in correspondence mode.

    It is good to be ambitious but not on the cost of losing merit. You have to see your past educational career and also examine your present status before going for dual courses during the same time frame.

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  • Doing two-degree courses or PG courses simultaneously is not allowed as of now in our country. But you can do one course in regular college and another course by distance degree mode is allowed. One should be a degree, the other can be a certificate course. You can do MBA in a regular mode in a college. Simultaneously you can do a PG diploma course in IR&PM through the correspondence course. Even you can do the MA course by distance mode.

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  • Possibilities are endless and so is it is applicable with your studies.
    Actually a single course can be persued in the regular mode and probably such a restriction has been imposed so that an aspirant can devote full time attention to the course already selected. Shifting of concentration may impact the performance of the selected course and so to that extent restriction in the selection of two courses is quite justified.
    Now in regard to your query - persuing a MBA course in the regular mode and undertaking M.A in personnel Managemant through the distance mode is sustainable or not my response is yes it is possible.
    Now how far you can justify of continuation of such courses would depend upon your labour, patience and after all the interest for such courses. You will have to allocate sufficient time so as to pass the courses in a dignified way. If you are doing a job in a part time, you will have to discharge your duty as well and continuation of your studies apart from your job will tax you heavily causing mental frustration if you don't handle the issues with the proper planning.
    Of course, the mental preparedness will lead you to success. Apply cool mind in taking such decisions.
    I would suggest you to opt for M.A in English as one of your post graduate degree since in that way, you will develop the skill in both written and spoken English and acquiring such skills will widen your job - prospects.

  • UGC doesn't allow you to pursue two degrees simultaneously. Since you have completed BBA it is good to continue studying what passionates you. However, Pursuing one degree at a time is encouraged. You can complete one degree first and then you can go for the second master's degree. Simultaneously pursuing two degrees are not allowed by UGC. Here, I would also suggest to focus on one degree and work hard in that particular field.

  • No, you can not do two-degree courses simultaneously. But you can do one degree and one diploma courses simultaneously.

    If any university offering you two-degree courses simultaneous, it is fraud never trust it.

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  • First of all its not possible or allowed to take two master degrees at a time. Though it is not possible, what came to your mind to think it? Are you concerned about career opportunities or future scope?? If you are concerned about it then you must think about your interest and chose either MBA or MA. Sometimes we get confused upon lot of suggestions or after discussion with people/seniors. However we always need to go for options where we can accomplish our interest or can have scope for your expertise.
    Being as career opportunity we always chose other option than what we thought earlier but this leads into lose of interest after couple of years. Instead its better to pursue masters or your education in interested field. This may give you less opportunities at first but once you start working or getting exposure on your interested field then you will be happy and can get better opportunities.
    So I would like to suggest you think about it and just remove conflicts in your mind and go for options which you feel better for you.

  • From my personal experiences no one can pursue with the two regular courses at the same time. In one of the instance when I just had completed with the first year of the Master in English Literature that I got a good opportunity in some other courses but in that case I had submitted my marksheet to the respective department in order to get the clearance so as to get the admission with the other courses. This had been the case during 2002-2003.

    One notification has been attached dated 15.01.2016 in which it is clarified that no allowing the students to pursue two degrees simultaneously.

    But there could be the chances that you could go ahead with the two regular courses but what would be the implications if get caught would be needing a serious considerations on your end.

    In addition, I want to include that the above information is specific to Indian universities only & therefore in order seek more clarifications on the subject you must contact the authorities of the university or the institution for the exact rule to pursue one regular course and one distance learning course from same university or two different universities simultaneously because of the possibilities that this might have gone through with some changes during the course.


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  • In the present age of Open Universities and correspondence education, you can take admission in a regular course of MBA and in a correspondence Post-Graduation course. But, what about the examination? In all probability, the semester-ending or year-ending examinations of these two courses will fall at the same time. Then how will you manage?

    Your decision of pursuing two Masters degree (one full-time and one through correspondence) simultaneously is impractical and won't benefit you, even if it is not illegal. This step may cause loss of time, money and energy. I would advise you to drop this idea.

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