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  • Can you provide a diet chart to correct my physique

    Interested in correcting physique? Looking out for a good diet chart which can help in making the correction and give a better posture. Check out this page and answers for all your queries.

    I am 18 year old girl . I want to correct my posture and my figure. I have pear shaped figure right now and my height is 5"2 n my weight is 53 kg.
    So can you suggest me some workout and diet plan to achieve what I want?
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  • Physique correction is based on not only a balanced diet but also a regular workout including long walks. For any correction in the figure, weight loss is essential especially reduction of fat in the body.

    Before suggesting a workout and diet plan it is essential to understand that figure correction is a long process and requires a lot of patience and discipline. One has to keep a time frame of few years if one is really serious in achieving the miraculous changes in the physique.

    If you are already doing some workout and exercises then you have to continue it. Otherwise at least a walk about 45 minutes per day and half an hour of gym or Yoga exercises will make the quorum of daily workout. This is a very important point and the diet management will be useless if this workout plan is not followed.

    Another important thing is the postural engagements and one has to avoid sitting in defective postures and even normal postures for more than half an hour. It is necessary to give a break of 5-10 minutes after each half an hour of sitting in a particular posture. People who are very studious or have addiction of sitting on the laptop or mobile for long times have to be very careful in this respect.

    Your weight is 53 kg and height is 5' 2". This is almost normal weight and is not overweight but you can target for reducing the weight to 51 kg. A slightly lesser weight will make a person more smart and active. So initially you might be selective in taking less carbonates and more fibre.

    Now coming to the diet. On an average 2500 kcal are required for men and 2000 kcal for the women. For few months you can take only 1700-1800 kcal and thereafter maintain 2000 kcal.

    There are many diet plans which can suit your purpose but I am giving below a very simple and average diet plan which will be easy to follow. The "/" sign is used for alternative plan.

    In the morning the first thing is to take lukewarm water at least a glass full. After a gap of 15 minutes or more take the morning tea. In the breakfast take 1 egg and 1 apple / 1 piece of toast with 1 tsp peanut butter and a cup of milk / vegetable omelette and 1 banana. In the lunch take 2 chapatis and 1 cup of dal and 1 cup vegetable / 1 chapati, 1 cup of rice, 1 cup dal and 1 cup vegetable / 1 chapati and 1 chicken piece and 1 cup vegetable / 2 cup of rice, 1 cup dal, half cup vegetable and 1 cup salad. In the evening take some oil free light snack or bakery item (limited to half portion). In the dinner take 1 chapati, 1 cup green vegetable and 1 cup dal / 1 cup rice, 1 cup greens and 1 cup gram dal / 1 chapati, 1 piece chicken and 1 cup vegetable.

    Now you may ask what about the junk foods and tasty items which are very favourite in young people. Please note that we have to avoid these foods in totality. If not possible then one can go for these indulgences only once in a month and that also in limited quantities. The essence of any diet plan is to avoid carbohydrates like rice or potato or ghee or oil or meat or sugars. These are to be taken in limited quantities.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Regular exercising and walking or jogging are the fundamental key elements for any weight loss or physique improvement plan. So patience and discipline are the requisite attributes in this pursuit.

    Oily, carbohydrate rich and junk food is a strict no in this endeavour. Late night parties, drinking and sleep disorders are some other factors which will affect the program adversely. Breakfast time is very important time and one should take good healthy food like boiled grams and roasted beans etc with a glass of skimmed milk. Avoid taking tea and coffee more than two times in a day. Lunch should contain more of chapatis then rice and some salad and curd. Baked items to be preferred over the fried ones. Dinner should not be too heavy as it will bring the tendency of getting fat. Eating fish in place of mutton and chicken will be helpful in such plans. If time permits a small walk after the dinner is ideal way to avoid the lethargy.

    Controlled intake of healthy food and regular workouts are the essential ingredients of a physique improvement plan.

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  • Correcting the physique would require a systematic planning with respect to your diet, exercise, sleeping habits etc and hence a focus should be made on a daily bass any deviation found in maintaining the healthy parameters has to be curbed.
    I am enlisting a few points which may help in achieving a roper physique. The points are listed below-
    Diet - you have to identify the best timing when your metabolism works the best and such timing is to be utilised judgiciously in order to have proper assimilation of the foods. Morning hours are the best to take heavy breakfast containing Protiens, Carbohydrates, Fruiits both seasonal and dry - fruits to compensate the antioxidants and essential minerals.
    The diets to be taken in the lunch should include two to three chapatis, one cup of rice and sufficient green vegetables, salads and a small cup of Curd.
    The dinner should be light one and one should avoid spicy and oily foods during night since the metabolism - rate during night remains slow.
    Water - intake should be augmented to the level of three litres. However, avoid drinking water immediately after your lunch and dinner since doing so would disturb the digestion - process.
    Sleep - cycle - Maintain your sleep cycle in the the healthy range by taking a proper sleep for at least eight hours. This would allow your body to release the essential hormones such as growth hormone, thyroid hormones to work their best.
    Alcohol - This has to be avoided at all the cost because of its adverse effect on Liver, Kidney and Heart.
    Exercise - Engage in some physical exercises such as brisk walking for at least half an hour on daily basis, jogging, cycling doing Aeorabics to stretch your muscles are some of the best options.
    Think positively and for this engage in constructive hobby such as listening to old songs, helping the children in doing their home - work would add your pleasure.

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