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  • Regarding documents verification

    Facing loss of admit card and worried about how to respond for document verification? Searching for detailed information about how to what to do? Resolve your concerns by going through the advice provided by experts on this Ask Expert page.

    I am filled with apprehension as I have lost the "Admit card" of class 10. I am graduate now and going for graduate level jobs of Central government. Since the certificate of class 10 is required to verify DOB which is mentioned in the admit card and the marksheet as well.
    But I have the marksheet of class 10.

    Will it have an effect during the documents verification as I have lost it? What if they ask for only admit card? What should I do?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.
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  • The loss of admit card of SSLC has no relevance for you now. You have already received your SSLC marks card and I am sure you also must have receives Pre University Certificate. Therefore you need not worry about the lost Admit card of SSLC

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  • Thank you very much. It relieved my tension.

  • You need not worry. The admit card of 10th or 12th is not as important as the original mark sheet. The date of birth proof at the time of document verification can be either a 10th marks card, PAN card, birth certificate etc.

    So, at document verification, you would not be asked about the admit card of 10th. Please ensure that your key documents, names, spellings, and date of birth are correct and keep all correspondence with regards to the government job you apply for, that should be helpful.

  • Yeah, there's no anomaly in any certificate. Everything is correspondence with regards to the government jobs.
    Thank you very much. I'm relieved now.

  • The Admit Card of Class Xth Board is very important because the Date of Birth (DoB) indicated in this document is taken as the official DoB throughout life. So, I would advise you to immediately apply for duplicate admit card from the concerned Examination Board. You can apply for all competitive examination, and I hope you will get your duplicate admit card within 2-3 months of submitting the application with relevant details and copies of other documents.

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  • Admit card is basically the hall ticket and has a relevance only for entering the premises and take your seat where examinations are being conducted. That is the main purpose of the admit card.

    After completing class 10 successfully, you will be getting a mark sheet and certificate corresponding to your marks etc and these are the documents which will be required to produce in the document verification session which you will be attending in connection with your further admissions for higher education or job counselling interviews.

    Please check with your board office or school and get the high school certificate that is class 10 certificate where all the relevant details like DOB will be mentioned about you.

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  • Admit card is a hall ticket for getting into the examination hall and write the examination. Once the examinations are over it may not be required for any other use. But till you get your results and receive marks sheet you can keep it carefully. Once you are admitted to the next level of education I think this admit card is not required. Your SSC certificate which will have your Date of Birth mentioned is very important. So you need not worry and you keep your original SSC certificate on which DOB is mentioned throughout your life.

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  • Admit card is not your degree certificate that you are worried too much for that. It is just a pass to enter the examination hall. Even if you have lost it doesn't make any difference. After completing 10th you will receive DOB and marks sheet that you should take care of. Because in future these documents are needed in verifying your birthday. So, losing the admit card isn't that much worrying, it is only an entry pass for examination. Once you finished your exam, the importance of admit card also ends.

  • You do not need to worry. The certificate of SSC is made on the basis of the admit card. Actually, the principal of school fills all the detail like name, mother name, DOB, caste, category, etc in the examination form according to scholar register. On the basis of the above information, the board issue you an admit card. If there is a mistake in admit card, board allow you correct the same. The principal of the school is authorized to do the same.

    After correction, the board issue your SSC certificate. If you have correct DOB in your SSC certificate, there is no need to worry. Your documents would be verified without any problem.

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  • Admit card is issued to the aspirants in order to scrutinise whether the the candidates appearing for the said examination are the genuine candidates or not. The photograph , Date of Birth, Name of the school are incorporated to verify the genuineness of the candidates and the essential purpose for the same is to curb unfair means during the ongoing examination.
    Once the examination is over and the result is declared, you will be provided with a final certificate of class ten issued by the Board incorporating the DOB.
    Hence in respect of verification of DOB, this certificate is good enough for the verification of documents. Hence you need not worry on this account.

  • In this world of technological advancements you are carried away with whole lots of other certified proofs like the PAN card, the Election Id card & the Aadhaar card, the driving license & the good thing is that you are intact with your 10th mark sheet from which the details being carefully referred for the other admission referrals.

    It's quite natural to be feeling a bit difficult but when we become slowly aware of the facts than we have other alternatives & arrangements available. Good luck.

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