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  • Looking for a job of school counsellor

    Want to become a school counsellor? Searching the the reasons for several rejections and where one can take up such a job? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice and guidance provided by experts and decide how to get a job and overcome depression.

    am looking for the job of school counsellor in Ghaziabad and have even given interview in schools. I have cleared 1st written round and second interview round. In 3rd round i always get rejected because I had done MSc in child development not MA in Psychology.
    According to CBSE norms both are eligible for the post. In my past experience I have worked as a school counsellor in KV. So now I am depressed as I got rejected on the basis of degree .
    So can you provide guidance about where I can work?
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  • Please do not feel discouraged or depressed. Today the job condition in our country is in a difficult situation and everywhere there is a tough competition so getting a job is a herculean task.

    Now what I suggest is go through some literature regarding school counselling and learn the intricacies of this subject in details. Normally the administration or the interview board will be interested to know from you as how much you know about the subject. So if your home work is good you can get success in your objective

    Nowadays, there are many qualified persons who will be applying for such jobs whenever these are advertised in the media. What makes difference is the clarity and knowledge shown in the interview.

    So get some reference books and search internet and prepare yourself for the next interview.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • If MSc in Child Development is an eligible degree for the post of educational counsellor in schools then there should not be rejection until unless the candidate is not up to the mark as per the expectation of the school administration.

    Have you done the preparation for exam for selection of school counsellor properly, understanding what is the purpose of the school counsellor and what are his main functions in the school environment. If yes, you can skip the next paragraph where I have mentioned about it in brief. Otherwise you can go through it and elaborate on these basic premises and prepare again for the exam for the post of school counsellor.

    School counsellor is a person who has got the prime responsibility of guiding the students in proper direction and help them to fight their resistances and apprehension about the schooling. This is not only a psychological type of counselling but requires a lot of common sense and ability to handle and channelise the soft minds of students in positive directions. During schooling a child grows into adolescence and this is the crucial time when the personality takes shape in a particular path. This is the time of making friends, developing relationships and to make preliminary decisions about the career in the coming life. Students will face a number of problems in mitigating the challenges in their school life and some of them get stress due to this. it is the tender age and they have to start bothering for friendship, studies, competition, extracurricular activities and other things like that. A school counsellor has many jobs and responsibilities to take care. His main job is to assess the potential of the student as well as find out his weaknesses and strengths so that he can be motivated or aligned in a particular direction where his interests meet his career and he can finally become a productive member of the society. The counsellor has to interact not only with the particular student but has to be in regular contact with the parents and school administration. His job is much wider than the other employees of the school. These things are to be understood well by the aspirants who want to become a counsellor and are to be reflected in their interview taken by the school management.

    Now I come to the later part of your query where you want to find out what are the other options for you, based on your qualification as MSc in Child Development.

    You can try for jobs in child rehabilitation centres, early childhood educational centres, organisations under or related to Ministry of child development, child hospitals, Nurse-managed Clinics, Rural Health Clinics, School-based Clinics, Medical Colleges, NGOs related to child development etc.

    I will further suggest that whichever job you are trying to apply please go into the details of that area vis-a-vis your qualification. The interview board will always try to select the best candidate available in the lot and you have to strive hard to become that best candidate if you want to get that particular job.

    All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

  • If your qualification is not suitable for the post they will not call you even for the written test. If they are calling for the 1st round and 2nd round means you are able to perform well in the written test but you are not performing well in the interview. That is why there is no call for you to the third round. So don't think that your qualification is the problem.
    You have to analyse yourself where the mistake is happening. There may be a problem in the presentation or you are not in touch with the subject as required. If you overcome these two problems you will definitely get selected. Good preparation is required. Brush your basic and be confident in replying for the questions they are asking. If you don't know you tell that without any hesitation. But at the same time, you can't say I don't any to all the questions. So preparation is very important.
    I suggest you have some trial oral tests with your friends or your family members. Take them seriously to improve your way of expression. This will make you fare well in the interview. You should not become nervous and you understand questions properly. If you have any doubt in the asked you can ask them to repeat the question once. You should feel at home in the interview.
    In addition to the education counsellor posts, you will have jobs in child rehabilitation centres, early childhood education centre,s child hospitals, Nurse-managed Clinics, School-based Clinics, Medical Colleges, NGOs etc.

    always confident

  • Since you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria of qualification as per the Advertisement, your candidature cannot be rejected on the grounds that you possess M.Sc, Child Development. The candidates with the qualification of M.Sc Child Development are more suitable for post of School Counselor. I am sure you should have studied psychology at Graduation level and also M.Sc Child Development will also have psychology papers.

    As School Counselor you are required to listen to students' concerns and problems relating to academics, emotional or social problems. The intervention of School Counselor is also requited to help students solve their problems. The School Counselor is also required to mediate conflict between students and students, Students and teachers, Teachers and Parents.

    In my opinion the qualification of M.Sc Child development has better scope and employment opportunities.

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  • You do have the relevant degree to fulfil the criteria of the school - councellor and you need to maintain a positive approach with respect to your future interview, though your past experience had been bitter one.
    Now let us analyse further in relation to your past performance where you had been rejected at the last session of your interview without pointing out your deficiency.
    Hence, believe me you are sure to gain success in the area of counceller since the qualification acquired by you as M.Sc Child Development is a valid degree offered by a recognised university.
    You need to know the relevant points which can stimulate a child for the faster academic growth and the ways how the negativity hovering in the mind of the child can be wiped out with a proper counselling. In the mean while, you can have consultation with some health care where your expertise may be of immense help in restoring the mental health of a child.

  • There are many good schools in Ghaziabad and NOIDA areas of NCR. All the schools appoint Counselor, but the problem is there is only one post of Counselor in each school. So, the chance is limited.

    You are a well-qualified candidate. You will definitely be able to get a job of Counselor. I would advise you to get your Bio-data prepared by a professional and initially apply for smaller schools (even in Delhi) and in schools for special children (after getting a complete list of schools for special children in Delhi and NCR). As for example, you may forward your Bio-data at Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Subroto Park, Delhi-110 010 (Both in the HS School and in the Special Wing). As far as I know, there has been a vacancy/vacancies of Counselor.

    Please don't get disheartened. With your qualification, you will definitely get the opportunity to work as a Counselor.

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