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    Regarding NOC for outside employment

    Are you confused about the documents required for state civil services? Searching for information regarding whether NOC is needed or and how to obtain the same in notice period? Find responses from experts for your queries.

    I am currently working in a public sector bank, but have got selected
    for state civil services.
    I did not apply for NOC before since the interview call letter did
    not ask for it.
    Now during document verification NOC is required.
    I have served a resignation notice period of three months to the bank which will get completed in 12th May, 2019.
    What should I do now?
    If I don't get noc will a relieving letter be sufficient?
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  • Generally, when you are working for a public organisation, you have to apply for other posts through proper channel or you should get a No Objection Certificate from the present working Organisation. This requirement will be mentioned in the advertisement itself. If they have not mentioned that you can tell them that you have submitted resignation to the job and if you got an acknowledgement from the bank mentioning that they have received your resignation or a stamped duplicate copy of your resignation letter that can be submitted.

    After you submitted your resignation, did your bank give you any letter accepting your resignation and mentioning the date of relieving from services? If that letter is with you that will do the job. You can submit a copy of that letter as NOC. If it is not there you get a letter from the bank in which they should state that your resignation is accepted and you will be relieved from so and so date.

    You can produce that letter to the State civil examinations board and take the time up to the date of relieving from the present job.

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  • Thank you for your valuable advice

  • Whenever an employed person applies elsewhere he has to mention about his present employment and then comes the need of NOC from the present employer. Sometimes there is a bond signed with the employer and you will have to pay the bond money if you leave the organisation before the stipulated period as mentioned in the bond. Then there are terms and conditions of the employment where either party can serve a notice of 1 month or 3 months to terminate the employment. Alternatively you can deposit 1 month salary to seek an immediate resignation. Check with your bank what are the terms and conditions of your employment there. Check also whether you are in temporary capacity or a permanent employee of the bank as the rules might differ between the two.

    Now coming to the application made by you to state services. Did you mention your present employment or you have hidden it. If you have mentioned it then NOC or relieving letter before the joining date in the new organisation is a necessary formality. If you have not mentioned it then deposit one month salary and resign with immediate effect and join the new place and they will assume you as unemployed so far.

    Another way to deal with the problem is to ask for some extension in joining the new job and give some solid personal reason for that. Generally they allow you about a months time but your seniority might be affected in your batch. So, you have to take a decision based on all these considerations.

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  • Employees working in Government services and Government owned organizations are either required to forward their Application through the present organization or produce No Objection Certificate [NOC] at the time of Interview for an outside employment in any Government services or Government owned organization. These requirements are generally specified in the Advertisement. In your case it is not clear.

    You have following options:-

    1. Make a request to the present Management to issue the NOC giving reasons that the Advertisement did not specify such requirement and also the new organization did not ask for NOC at the time of Interview. The present organization has the powers to relax rules and issue NOC as per your request.
    2. In case the present Management refuse to issue NOC, you could make another request to the new organization seeking relaxation on production of NOC on the same grounds as mentioned above.

    In case the new organization insist on NOC and if you are unable to get one from the present organization , you cannot join the new organization.

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  • I have mentioned about my job in state services and have given 3 months notice.
    I am likely to receive relieving letter but not noc.
    So will relieving letter will not work in place of noc or not?
    That's the core concern

  • In case the new organization insist on NOC, your relieving order from the present organization will not be sufficient. Unless the new organisation relaxes the condition of NOC.

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