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    Which row house is good among Middle or Corner?

    Are you interested in knowing the most appropriate choice among row houses? Wondering which is the best selection: middle or corner? Resolve all your confusion and worries by scrolling through the advice provided by our ISC experts here.

    Selecting row house in metropolitan city is a pain. There are two choices either to select middle row house which has other row houses from both side but one side has parking space and then next row house and corner one has gate of society and another row house on other side of gate. Now which one is more right choice?
    Structure :
    Row H. 3 - Parking of Row H2 Row H2 || Row H1 Parking of Row H1 - Gate of Society - Row House 4
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  • Generally you will have more freedom and privacy in the corner houses and there may be some more open space in them. The only problem is that corner houses are near the gate or the main roads so there will be some disturbance from the regular traffic there. The other problem could be more dust will be coming to the corner house and cleaning the house outer walls etc will always be a big task.

    The middle row or embedded houses will not have these type of problems but there will be privacy issues as you will be sandwiched from both the sides and the TV volume, children hue and cry etc will be a matter of concern.

    So there are advantages as well as down points associated with the placement of the house in the society or colony and one has to consider these things before taking a conscious decision.

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  • It depends on your preference and attitudes.
    A corner house will have only one side common wall, and one side free . This will be beneficial when some repair etc has to be carried out. Moreover this will be preferable if there is a window or ventilation facility one the corner side.
    However this can be nuisance if the place is used for playing and you do not like noise and disturbances.

    However when there are old and sick people in the home it will be helpful for them to have neighbour on both sides who can be easily contacted and have some interactions.
    However it may be good to have a house where from you get a good view of the people going around , like a road, ground or passage. That will make you feel less lonely but at the same time sufficiently private also.

    If the house is near gate,and if there is no security personnel, then you may get disturbed and feel less secure.

    So take consider of all parameters and decide.
    Personally, I will prefer a house where ventilation and cross ventilation are available and there is minimum common wall to share.

  • All depends on the individual's interest. Personally, I prefer a middle house. The middle house will have neighbours both the sides and people will be moving more frequently in front. So when you go out of station also you will have security because people will be watching. As it is in the middle you will not have outside disturbances like sounds and dust etc. You will have a better view. When you are not there in the house also your people can get the help of neighbours in case of emergency.
    A corner house will give you more privacy. But the outside disturbances will be more. The common portions will be less and you will have more individual partitions which will be under your complete control. So you can manage the way you want.
    Like this, both are having their own advantages and disadvantages. So the main point is individual interest and liking.

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  • In a housing society consisting of row houses the children will be playing in the lanes and wherever you choose a house that playing noise will be there especially in the evening time.

    Another aspect which one can look for is the parking area and location of the house. I think it is very convenient if the house is near the parking area so that one will have the convenience of movement.

    So one can keep these points also in mind before deciding the location of the house.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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