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  • Obtaining Transfer Certificate

    Want to know the rules for changing a school? Wondering whether this transfer legally requires payment of some percentage of tuition fees? Resolve your concerns and worries and get an authentic answer from our ISC experts on this page.

    My son is studying in a CBSE School in Chennai. I want to transfer him from there, made a request to issue the Transfer Certificate. But the school management demands minimum 40% of the Tuition Fee (works out to INR 30000+) to issue the Transfer Certificate, citing that they are losing the revenue due to discontinuation of one student.

    I want to understand, is there such provision available for these schools to claim this way and do we parents have any option / solution to overcome this?
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  • No, the school can not demand unnecessary money from parents. You do not need to pay a single rupees to issue TC. Ask the principal of the school that there is not a provision to get such type of money from parents. If the principal of the school does not issue TC, you can complain to the collector or DM of the district. He will certainly look after the matter and give order to the principal of the school to issue transfer certificate of your son.
    It is common to get transfer certificate due to different reasons like transfer of parents, join a coaching institute in another city, taking admission in another school, etc. The principal has to issue a TC within 7 days of the application. So, give an application to the principal of the school for issuing TC of your son.

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  • Thank you so much for your response and guidance. The principal refused to accept the request letter. We will send the same through registered post and will wait for their response.

    Thanks again!

  • As per the rules and regulations you need not pay a single rupee for issuing the transfer certificate. If there are any dues you have to pay those are to paid and clearance certificate from all the concerned departments of the school saying that there are no dues from the candidate. Then the school should give the TC.
    But these private schools do whatever they like. Their fees structures are high. They demand donation and so on so forth. But parents as they want their children in good schools they are paying whatever they demand. If there is any delay the other school may not wait till you get the TC.
    So better to talk to the principal or otherwise contact the management of the school or DEO of thst area at the earliest and explain the need and see that you will get it issued at the earliest. If there is a time you can wait for a reply from the principal.

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  • To get the transfer certificate from school is the right of the parents as due to various reasons these situation occur when one has to change the school of child from one place to another.

    Only care one has to observe is apply for this in time before start of the next academic session. Once you deposit the fee for the next year they will not refund it when you apply for transfer certificate. Moreover asking any charges or fee for giving transfer certificate is illegal and one has to complaint to the highest educational authority in the region like Asstt Director of education or secretary etc.

    You can try to post this protest in the local parents forum also to give it publicity in the media and then they will be under pressure due to school reputation issues.

    We have to take up these things firmly and fight for justice. These schools are making money by befooling the gullible and law abiding people.

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  • Thanks for your suggestions.

    We have a challenge here that each board follow a different academic year. Being CBSE, they just showed that they started the next academic year and closed from 12th April. As I haven't paid the fee for the next academic year (and also didn't send my son to school after school reopening, predicting these claims), I don't have any money left with them.

    In this school, they have a process that they circulate a request form during October - November itself asking the parents whether they do want to continue or discontinue or require transfer to their other branches. Practically, it is not possible to declare these in October or November itself.

    I wrote to CBSE Regional Office in Chennai regarding this and yet to receive any response from their end.

    Will post the updates, as it progress.

    Thanks again!!

  • Your follow up with your query in this section has inspired me to add something more in this matter and you can see the feasibility of this in the area where your child is schooling.

    In many areas there are education Ombudsman who are like a quasi legal authorities nominated or appointed by the state Govt to help the students and parents in many matters. I think if you have such an authority in your area you can make a formal complaint to them asking for resolution in the matter. Whatever complaint you are making, send a copy to the school also so that they are in the loop and do not show their unawareness in the matter.

    You can take an appointment with the Ombudsman and hopefully after detailed discussions in the matter, you can get some solution to this problem.

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  • Nowadays the schooling become a nightmare in every part of India. Schools are draining money from parents as of anything.
    I took my brother's daughter from one school to another in the middle of the period due to some unforeseen situation.As the new school authorities asked the Transfer Certificate I approached the old school where I got the same without any difficulty or even paying a single paise. I feel lucky by seeing this posting. It is everything because parents only we ourselves make the schools to drain money for everything.

  • No school in India has the right to ask money for TC & whatever other certificates it may be. The fee structures in private schools are touching the sky, don't know what the government is doing without taking any action. If someone is not responding to the circulation of school for the continuation next academic year. They need to reconfirm once again by contacting parents directly and keep aside for further clarification.

    Firstly you have to take no dues from the school management & if any dues are genuinely there you have to clear it off before asking for TC. Within a week they have to give your TC after your request. Even after discussing with higher management & principal if they are demanding for the money you can directly approach to the police station and file a complaint. Otherwise, the best option is to write your problem on Twitter by tagging the school & education minister & other CBSE bodies.

  • Here is what you can do -
    1. Ensure that all your correspondence with the school is via email, as it will ensure a digital print and they cannot deny. They will not be able to refuse any claims made by you if there is a record of the communication
    2. Start the email by saying that you have requested for a TC, and the response that you have received from the school is unsatisfactory. Go on to mention everything that the school has communicated to you and ask them for an explanation. Request them to cite the rules (of the school or CBSE
    3. Mark the email to everyone in authority in the school - the principal, the secretary, director etc.
    4. The school will either refute your claims that and agree to pay or stick to their stand. If they do the latter, they will give you enough fodder to take the 'fight' further
    5. Request them for a quick resolution (mention a by date) and add that in the absence of a favourable decision you will be forced to take the matter with CBSE and the HRD Ministry
    6. Go on twitter and the facebook page of these two organisations and publish the harassment that you are receiving at the hands of the school. Hashtags are very powerful. They will get you the attention and a solution
    7. You may also add that you will approach the media

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