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    How to watch Game of thrones in India?

    interested in watching game of thrones in India? Searching for various wants to watch all the seasons here? On this Ask Experts page you can check out the suggestions and decide how to watch the show at your leisure.

    Game of thrones is one of the popular television series produced and broadcasted by HBO. The final season of the television series is telecasted recently in US. The show has lot of fans across India and remaining parts of the world.
    What are all the various ways we have in India to watch game of thrones?
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  • There are many channels and services where one can watch the Game of Thrones in a legal way. Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon and HBO are some of the places where it is easily available for some subscription.

    If one is only interested in this then it will be a good idea to subscribe such a channel only for 1 month and then do not renew it. That way one can pay for only 1 month subscription which is hardly to the tune of Rs 150 - 200.

    People are often doing this in Hotstar site for their choice of programs.

    As all the episodes of Game of Thrones are telecasted, one can see it now easily in 2-3 days time.

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  • There are many options available in India to watch those channels. Amazon prime you can take and if you have wifi in the house you can use it for watching. You can see Hotstar by subscribing it on your TV as well as on your smartphone. These many channels are uploading their programmes on youtube.
    You can search in your smartphone or on smart TV with wifi you can search on youtube and see that. Many dish TV service providers will give you HBO also if you pay as per the charges mentioned and you can see the channel directly.
    Cable operators are also providing HBO and you can get that from them also where you can see this serial. You can try any one of these options.

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  • As some people above has said Game of thrones is not available in every platform. You cannot find it in Amazon prime (though you can have it by subscribing to HBO go, discussed later) or Netflix.
    It available only on hotstar, that too hotstar premium where you can watch it with the world,ie, at the same time as the US premier.
    The costs range from Rs.999 per year to RS. 299 per month. So, it's the best way to watch Game of thrones in high definition with subtitles.
    You can also get HBO now or HBO go online along with Amazon prime and other online platforms such as Hulu and DirecTv now.
    If you want to catch up with the old seasons, you can watch Star world where they are airing Game of thrones at 10pm. I am not sure if it's everyday or alternative days.

  • Game of Thrones season 8 episode gets telecast in India only on Star World on Tuesday and HotStar Premium on Monday. You can stream it online if you have HBO now or HBO membership. Also there are many online streaming sites which offers free streaming. Be careful while streaming from proxy sites. Keep adblock on always.

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    Game of thrones is one of the best tv shows ever . It has a crazy following in almost every country in the world and Indians are one of the craziest fans .
    There are many ways that can help you watch GOT in India , the most easiest being television, the tv channel HBO has a slot for GOT . Star World streams the old seasons if you want to rewatch , its a good option
    You can watch it online by streaming it on hotstar but for that ypu need to have a premium account which may cost you around 100-300 a month .
    You can also stream it online on various tv series websites , there are dozens of them
    Also you can download the tv series episode wise or series wise by typing index of tv series name / video quality (420p or 720p) /season no. on google or any other web browser.
    This is very helpful , it helps me download and watch almost every tv series including Game of thrones .

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