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  • Pursuing 3 Master degrees from different Universities at the same time.

    Wondering whether it is possible to pursue 3 degree simultaneously from different universities? Looking out for genuine advice here? Our ISC experts shall provide you with correct rules and regulations which can enable you to decide your further plan of action.

    I'm a double graduate in B.Sc and B.A. I'm interested in pursuing MBA through regular college and then also pursue 2 masters degrees through distance mode from 2 different universities. Is it possible to do 3 different masters from 3 different universities?
    Am I allowed to do it? I'm really interested and looking forward to do it and manage it.
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  • Time and again the students group and certain educational affiliations went to UGC to ask it to allow multiple degrees to be undertaken simultaneously by the students especially who are capable of doing it with their hard work and time management. UGC in turn took the advice of experts group and other agencies in this regard and it was then decided that prima facie such a thing can not be allowed.

    The various groups fighting for this continued their efforts and finally UGC told and issued orders in this regard that a student can utmost undertake one regular course and one distance education course.

    So you can not have more than that. You can not have two regular courses or you can not have one regular and two correspondence courses and combinations like that.

    What utmost you can have is one regular course plus one distance education course.

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  • From my personal experiences no one can pursue with the two regular courses at the same time. In one of the instance when I just had completed with the first year of the Master in English Literature that I got a good opportunity in some other courses but in that case I had submitted my marksheet to the respective department in order to get the clearance so as to get the admission with the other courses. This had been the case during 2002-2003.

    One notification has been attached dated 15.01.2016 in which it is clarified that no allowing the students to pursue two degrees simultaneously.

    But there could be the chances that you could go ahead with the two regular courses but what would be the implications if get caught would be needing a serious considerations on your end.

    In addition, I want to include that the above information is specific to Indian universities only & therefore in order seek more clarifications on the subject you must contact the authorities of the university or the institution for the exact rule to pursue one regular course and one distance learning course from same university or two different universities simultaneously because of the possibilities that this might have gone through with some changes during the course.

    The author can also refer the below link for more information on the subject matter,

    Can I do 2 master degrees simultaneously?


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  • No, according to the rule and law you can do more than the one-degree course from the same or different university. You can do one degree and one diploma course if you want from the same or different university. If any university allows you to do two-degree courses simultaneously, never trust it. It is totally fraud and will destroy your future.
    So, concentrate on the one-degree course and go with it. If you are really interested, go with one diploma course simultaneously.

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  • In the present era of Open Universities and correspondence education, you can take admission in a regular course of MBA and two correspondence Post-Graduation courses. But, what about the examination? In all probability, the semester-ending or year-ending examinations of all these three courses will fall at the same time. Then how will you manage?

    Your decision of pursuing three Masters degree at the same time is impractical and won't benefit you, even if it is not illegal. I would seriously advise you to drop this idea.

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  • As per the existing rules, you can't do two regular degree courses simultaneously and the universities will not accept that. But you can do one course in regular college and another degree can be done by correspondence course. This is acceptable as per UGC norms. You can show officially both the courses.
    There are some institutes who will have no UGC recognition but offer PG Diploma or Diploma courses and these certificates are not valid for government jobs but private companies may accept. So there you can see 2 or 3 diploma courses simultaneously.
    Forget about the rules and regulations, do you think that one can do justice to the studies if they take up multiple courses in different areas of study. One leg on one boat and another leg on another boat is very risky and dangerous. Some times we can't do our best in any one of the courses. Whatever you study you should think of getting the best rank and best percentage in the course is better than above average marks in 2 or 3 degrees. It is better to be a master of one rather than becoming a jack of all trades.

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  • Pursuing three masters degrees at a time is not allowed by UGC in any case. I would suggest you choose only one field of your interest and pursuing master rather than trying to get a bundle of degrees at a time. Trying to pursue three at a time is not manageable and against the UGC norms.
    So, drop this idea of pursuing three degrees at a time. Go for one degree at a time and that would be better. Later you can go second degree but not three are encouraged even if the system allows you.

  • In relation to persuasion of the two courses simulteneously including one distance education mode, you can go ahead and even this combination can persued from the same university. UGC does not permit any aspirant to undertake the courses beyond two. Probably, such an exercise has been taken to justify wth the curses in respect of concentration essential in the perusal of studies.
    Even though you are permitted to appear more than the existing provisions, your timing for the different courses would varry in the first two courses, you would allocate enough timing and for the third one, you may not have enough time for the full preparation and this could cause poor performance in the subjects exceeding beyond two.
    However, it would be best on your part to seek clarification from the university - officials.

  • You asked a great question and i made this account only to answer your question.
    Sad thing is that, you can't do it in india but if you reside in NETHERLAND/HOLLAND or many european countries. they would allow you to do it .
    You can even do FOUR, if your exam dates are not collapsing.

    INDIA is a backward country in rules and regulation. Trust me.
    and They are not gonna change any rules , guy sitting in delhi office can play with hundreds of million people

    I would suggest you to choose different country.

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