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  • What are the options after MBBS?

    Planning to opt for PG after MBBS? Searching for the best options apart from NEET-PG? Check out this Ask Expert page and get to know the other options like job and the relevant details and decide your plan of action.

    My cousin wishes to take a break after MBBS but her parents want her to join coaching for NEET-PG. She rather prefers to do a job for some time in Mumbai or Bangalore (She is currently in Coimbatore).
    Is there any job opportunities according to her preferences?
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  • MBBS degree is one of the qualifications which has a better job prospect in comparison to other streams and there is still a need of doctors in many states in our country and some of the state Govt are also contemplating to get the MBBS doctors from other states. Only problem is that the first posting of doctors in state health services as a policy matter is generally done in remote places. So in many states the initial appointment is done in a remote place dispensary even far from a mediocre towns and many fresh medical graduates have apprehension to join a job in such remote places.

    Anyway, to get a good job in a hospital, MBBS doctors will generally go for higher qualifications like MD or MS. That gives them a preference in applying in reputed places whether Govt or private institutions. In that light NEET-PG is a good option.

    Now coming to the point of getting a job after only MBBS in cities like Mumbai or Bangalore. There are many small to big hospitals in these two places and a fresh MBBS can work in the capacity of assisting doctor and in fact will be doing as well as learning the intricacies of medical practices. Generally the renumeration to the fresh MBBS will be a small salary till one gets experience and then only one can shift to a better hospital. Getting a job in urban places is more difficult than getting a job in the remote and village like places.

    So delaying NEET-PG will not be a prudent decision because the future career options are always better after PG (whether it is MD or MS).

    In case you are not interested in PG course due to some reasons then there is another option of doing a 2 years diploma in the subject of your taste and choice. There are many areas in which this diploma can be done and then the job prospects increase accordingly. Some of the good areas where one can go for diploma are - Anesthesia, Child Health, Diabetology, Occupational Health, Paediatrics, Cardiology, Plastic Surgery, Nutrition, Psychiatry, Neuro-pathology etc.

    Coimbatore is developing very fast and soon going to be a mega city. There are many medical institutions there including old age homes. I feel there is ample scope to get a job there itself and one can have the comfort of home and convenience of known place also. You can consider this option also.

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  • If your cousin has completed MBBS and her parent want to do PG, I think it is a better option for her. She must do an MD or MS and should be specialized for a better future. Once she started a job, she can't do PG and it would be not a good idea for her future.
    She can also get a good job in any government or private hospital after doing PG. She can also joint a college as a lecturer. But for all these things she must have a PG degree.
    So, in my opinion, doing PG is a must for her if she wants a good future in the medical field.

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  • Though MBBS is the basic qualification for a doctor and as the latest statistics show that that that there is real dearth of MBBS doctors to be appointed in the rural areas on the urgent basis. As per latest notifications of the state - government the doctors having qualified the MBBS qualification are posted in the remote areas so as to provide them oppurtunities to serve better to the ailing patients, which at present such facilities are adequate.
    Initial exposure in such areas would prove benificial in the sense that they get real benifits in terms of experience and this will ultimately help a doctor to understand the different cases of diseases and prescriptions of relevant medicines essential to treat the root cause of the disease.
    A gap of two years prior to undertaking MD or MS course will definitely streamline the initial hesitation and hurdle of the practicing doctors keeping in view of the benifits in the diagnosis of the diseases.
    Later the qualification of MBBS must supported by a post - graduate degree either in the form of MD or MS depending upon the area which they deem fit for their higher studies. This needs their total involvement in clearing the written and oral tests for the post - graduate degree. One of the basic reasons for the disqualification for MD or MS is due to limited seats in the post - graduate courses.

  • As on date, the Job position is good in our country only for doctors. Many government hospitals in the Mandal Headquarters in many states are vacant due to wanting of candidates. But many MBBS degree holders prefer to stay in cities and they don't want to go to smaller towns and ruler areas. If your cousin has no objection for serving for a few years in a rural area she will get government job very soon. Even it is a rural area many doctors stay in a nearby town and commute from there. These days staying in the District headquarters and commuting from that place to other parts of that district is very common. So she can think about that.

    There are many corporate hospitals where there is a good requirement for duty doctors. They appoint MBBS pass outs as Duty Doctors. They will have the chance of getting trained under the experienced doctors who will be coming to that hospital as consultants and specialists. So she can try in any corporate hospitals and join there.

    If she is interested to go for MS/MD after working for some times chances will be very remote for her to get a seat in a good college. So if she is really interested in, it is better to go for MS/MD now itself. She will ve afresh with knowledge and she can fare well in the NEET very well and may gate seat now. But here her interest in very important.
    Once you do MS/MD or any other 2 years Diploma in any field of your interest the future will be good. Making Money is one thing and another thing is the satisfaction you will get by treating complicated cases and giving them rebirth and those people will see the doctor as God.
    Now she can think and decide on whatever she feels good.

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  • After doing MBBS one can try for a job in any small clinic or big hospital but it is not necessary that one will be able to get a job in the choice of his city. Sometimes the jobs will be available in small towns and one has to be prepared to go there. That will be a proper thing to hunt a job quickly.

    Anyway, in medical line what matters is experience and expertise. For this, one has to join a hospital or medical college where there is a lot of rush of patients. The reason is simple because by working in such a place one will get more opportunities to see different types of the medical conditions and naturally will learn in the process. Once sufficient experience has been acquired then there are good chances to change the job from present place to a better one. During the learning and experience gaining phase we should not bother for the enumeration rather concentrate in our core work.

    So, it is not necessary that one has to go for MD or MS only. Even after MBBS one can progress in the career with hard work and sustained efforts. Medical is a line where knowledge, practice and experience matters the most.

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  • The best option which most of the people do after MBBS is MD or MS. These are both post-graduate degrees that help them to gain advanced education in many specialisations and with the help of this specification and the expertise they may get a good job. Everywhere the good surgeons are required.

    Another field that has emerged for doctors who want to work in the corporate sector is MBA in hospital management. Some of the top schools including IIMs, FMS Delhi, IBS Hyderabad, etc. offer courses in this field.

    Since research in the field of Medicine is one of the unexplored areas in India, so one can devote himself to come up with innovative and helpful medical findings. Also one can start his own clinic which most of the people do but that requires money.


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  • My honest view to a person passing MBBS is to select villages or small towns to serve as doctor. The service of a doctor in such areas highly honored though the return in monetary found less comparing to big cities and big hospitals. you need not serve the village people without money but with small amount of money. The love and affection to a doctor in villages and small towns is unexplained.

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