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  • Government job for Divorce case

    Facing an issue in government job verification? Wondering what to do if address is changed for some reason and no original documents are in your possession? Resolve your worries by scrolling through the advice provided by our ISC experts on this page.

    I have filled form of government job and filled marital status married now am not living in my laws house . I have cleared Written test , both pre level and mains level but my in laws have snatched my original documents and also threw me out of house.
    I cant give the interview without my documents and for the post police verification for the job. I cant present at my laws address . If I request the Interviewer to send the police verification at my fathers house, is it possible?
    And if I arrange duplicate documents can they work in interview?
    I don't have divorce document because at that time while filing form i was married.
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  • Police verification for Government jobs is done to know the antecedents of the candidates. In order to verify the antecedents the jurisdictional police station required to know where you have lived. The local police will verify their record and submit the report to the Superintendent of Police to forward the same to the concerned.

    The verification will be done based on the information furnished by you in the employment application form or the attestation form. Wherein you will be required to disclose the address of the place wherein you have stayed more than one year during the last 5 years. Police will verify in the respective police station regarding criminal records of the candidate.

    Even though you submit your application for change of address now , the Government dept will send your details to the concerned District Commissioner for verification of the antecedents.

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  • This is a tricky situation as you have been ousted from your in laws house and your educational documents are also snatched by them.

    You have to take up multiple actions in this matter as it is going to be a legal case soon. The first and foremost thing is that you have to lodge a police complaint (FIR) in the police station where you have to clearly mention the reasons why you were ousted from the house and what were there exact wordings while pushing you out. Has your husband divorced you - verbally or through a notice or he intends to do so. What are the documents they have snatched from you? These things should come out in the police report clearly and you also ask them to include your present address there - that is your father's address. You request the police to search their premises and take the documents in police custody. Police can do it after taking permission of the magistrate.

    Once this is done keep a few copies of this police report with you. Now next important thing is send a email or registered letter to the examining authority and attach a copy of police report there. This will help you in getting the police verification steps easily. Now the police knows your present address as well as earlier address.

    Another thing for which you have to contact a lawyer is that as you have been forced out from the in laws house you can assume that your husband is going to divorce you soon as he is also a party to this injustice and torture. So after taking the legal advice you can give a legal notice to them to give you a monthly maintenance charges to you as per the existing laws. You can also go to a family court for resolution of this problem.

    I know you may not like to go in these modalities as you are busy in making your career but remember if we do not fight for our rights no one else will do it. Some of these actions are required to get your documents back and establish your new address.

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  • 1. You are divorced. Did you get it legally and documents are available with you?
    2. Your inlaws snatched away your original and sent you out of their house. Does it happen before you get a divorce or after getting the divorce? If it happened before you got your divorce, did you mention this anywhere during the course of getting the divorce?
    3. I hope by this time you might have lodged a complaint in the police station and did police take any action on that. Otherwise, you do that immediately. If they through you out before the divorce it is very important.
    These points are very important to take the correct decision in this situation.
    The immediate action you have to take is to consult a good lawyer and serve your inlaws a lawyer notice asking them to return your documents at the earliest and you should say that you file a case against them in case they are not returning.
    Using the above two papers you can apply for duplicate copies of your certificates to the concerned authorities
    through the institutes, you have studied and get an acknowledgement from them
    Now you have three documents with you. One is a copy of lawyer notice and a copy of police complaint acknowledgement and copy of your application for duplicate certificates duly acknowledged. By using these documents you can write to the authorities that because of these problems you are not able to produce the certificates in time and ask for an extension.
    You have to act fast and complete all these actions as quickly as possible.

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  • The situation as mentioned by seems to be ticklish but of course, there is a solution to come out from the present impasse if you think in a cool manner.
    While you have faced a rough behaviour from your in laws and your essential documents to be produced to the verification authority has been snatched away, you need to approach the police - personnel of your locality indicating the facts before them. Get a FIR copy and now send this a duplicate copy of FIR attested by the gazetted officer to the employer and seek an extension to produce the other relevant certificates in duplicate forms from the respective sources. This procedure would take time but the certificates can be procured.
    Seek the advice of the lawyer how best you can tackle the situation. If he advises you for the separation, proceed accordingly.
    You can send the copy of lawyer notice, Police - intimation copy also to your employer as a proof of your taking initiatives in the crucial moment.

  • First of all, you should lodge an FIR against your inlaws regarding snatching of your documents. Then you may tell the interviewer that you are divorced now and should produce a proof for that. Apply for duplicate documents and produce FIR copy during the interview and ask them for an extended time to produce duplicate documents.


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  • I have read the question. Your situation is not that bad. Please don't get disheartened.

    1. I feel it is basically a Domestic Violence Case. You can file an FIR against your in-laws under DV Act giving the details of your documents kept by them and you can force them to return those documents. If not possible by the time of the interview, submit a copy of the FIR indicating the status of those documents at the time of document verification. Your candidature won't be canceled.

    2. As the case is going on, you are still not divorced. So, the status indicated in the examination form by you is still valid.

    3. Further, you should also apply for duplicate documents from your Educational Board/University along with the copy of the FIR. You will get duplicate certificates and your original certificates kept by your in-laws will automatically become invalid/get canceled.

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