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  • Library science course job opportunities

    Keen on pursuing an M.Sc. Library Science course? Check with the expert advice on what are the job prospects with this qualification and whether you can get recruited in the government sector with this qualification.

    I would like to study M.Sc. Library Science. However, I have completed my degree in Chemistry. I want to know about career opportunities after the completion of the course, especially job opportunities in the government sector.
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  • M. Sc Library Science is a good course and once you complete that course you will be eligible for librarian post. You are eligible for lecturer post for library science students provided you qualify in NET examination conducted by CBSC.

    There are many government libraries at Mandal level, district level and state level. There are many librarian posts in all these libraries. All high schools, junior colleges, colleges and universities in government and private will also have libraries . There they will appoint qualified librarians.

    In addition to that you can go for all other general posts in State and Central administration. You can also apply for all bank jobs also with this qualification.

    One more thing I want to add is these days the competition is very high irrespective of your qualification. Unless otherwise you are very thorough in your subject and fare well in the interview it is very difficult to get a job. Sooner should concentrate and excel in the examinations and get good marks and in addition to that you should be very good in your general knowledge. So work hard and all the best to you.

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  • With the advancement in information technology, today the library science and information technology are merged with each other. The functioning of libraries have drastically changed from earlier manual book reading to the digital environment. In view of this many institutions have started the degree in library science and information science. Hence the post graduation degree in library science is now a days known as M.LISc. The job of a librarian now involves not only the cataloguing and retrieving of manual data but also the digital information.

    If you have interest in this type of job you can go for post graduation in this line. For those students who have done their graduation in library science, generally the M.Sc. in library science is only one year course. For other graduates it is for two years. Both these modes are having equal opportunities from employment and job point of view.

    After completing the post graduation in library science, one has an option of going for qualifying in national level test that is NET (National Eligibility Test) after qualifying which one is eligible to apply for lecturer post in the universities in graduate or postgraduate colleges.

    There are many good institutions in our country from where one can do this course like University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram; University of Madras, Chennai; Bangalore University, Bangalore; Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar; Andhra University, Visakhapatnam; University of Mumbai, Mumbai; Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; Jiwaji University, Gwalior and Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

    Generally for becoming a grade I librarian in a university or college the requirement is post graduation and NET. There are other opportunities for them also like posts of scientific assistants/ officers in science and technology departments / institutions. Those who are only postgraduate are eligible to become second and third grade librarian or library assistant in the universities. There is opportunity in the various schools and colleges also for the post of school librarian.

    One last thing I want to add is that everywhere there is a rush for the jobs as the number of qualified people are much more than the vacancies. In that scenario it is necessary that one should try to achieve good score in any course one is pursuing. So, that should be the aim and objective for getting success in ones career.

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  • Though it seems to be a different one and found no free job opportunities in the vision, the chances of getting a job as librarian is wide. If you get a job in big libraries it is ok and the same is better if it is available in colleges. Really a fine job is the librarian job. I served as a student aid worker in our college library during our college period by learning indexing, cataloging etc.,
    Never get tired in searching a good opening.

  • Hi,

    M.Sc. Library and information science is a good course and there are a lot of job opportunities available especially in the government sector. You can do M.Sc. Library and information science after completing any degree so you can very well take it up after completing a degree in chemistry.

    Below are the job opportunities available after completing M.Sc. in Library and information science.

    1. Schools/Colleges/Universities: There are a lot of schools and colleges are opened in developing areas and most of them are equipped with libraries. You can very well get a job in any of those schools or colleges.

    2. Government sector: Most of the state governments operates state-owned libraries in rural areas and towns. There are central libraries available in all district headquarters so you have a very good chance of getting a job in government sector.

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