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  • Which are the best shops & vegetarian restaurants and nearest Metro in Chandni Chowk New Delhi

    Searching for elaborated information about Chandni Chowk in Delhi? Know good restaurants and shops in the most popular area of the capital city.

    Chandni Chowk in New Delhi is well known for its shops. I would like suggestions from people who have actually been there (not give suggestions from the Net) to recommend some specific shops in the area. I am not interested in street food, jewellery or wedding finery, though.

    I wish to know -
    1. Any reputed shops selling fabric, books or something really unique and also which are interesting for merely some window-shopping could be recommended.
    2. Would a woolen blanket be available there at a discount since it is the off-season for it?
    3. Is there any well-known local mithai which can be taken back home by air? Do not suggest some gooey, liquidy sweets which would leak from the box!
    4. A good vegetarian restaurant with North Indian/Thai cuisine in or nearby areas.
    5. Which is the nearest Metro station to Chandni Chowk?
    6. What are the general timings of shops in the area (they open and close at what time) and when is it likely to be less crowded?
    7. Will the shops and restaurants in Chandni Chowk be open on a Monday?
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  • The Chandni Chowk market is just opposite of Delhi Railway station within 500 m and it is comprising of many lanes and narrow roads and so much congested that it is advisable to go there on feet. The metro station named as Chandni Chowk is about 100 m from the market and one can easily visit the market on feet from there. There are so many eating places that it is very difficult to name a few but one can have a look in the market and select the restaurant there itself. There are some local eateries famous for their flavour and taste and you have to enter the 'Parotha wali lane' and taste the delicacies in the small eateries there.

    Of course, there are big names like haldiram etc which are present in that market. There is one lane here exclusively for books and another lane for greeting and invitation cards and you can time being skip those lanes. Confine yourself to the fabric shops where you can get everything related to clothing's etc. Please note that Delhi is famous for its typical bargaining and anything which is not branded, you must bargain for at least 50% discount.

    1. You will have so many fabric shops to choose the things of your choice. There will be maximum bargaining in the fabrics only.
    2. Yes, you can get it at bargain.
    3. Some of the reputed sweet shops are Bikaner Sweets, Shyam Sweets, Kamboj Sweets, Meghraj etc. There are many in the vicinity and the shopkeeper will provide you the exact item you are looking for taking to out of station.
    4. Some of the good vegetarian restaurants are Shiv Misthan Bhandar & Restaurant, Haldiram, Jain's Restaurant etc.
    5. Nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk. It is within 200 m of the market.
    6. Most of them open at 10 AM and close at 9 PM. Some of them close at 11 PM. Evening time is generally crowded. Morning time 11 AM to 2 PM will be having less crowd.
    7. Chandni Chowk market is closed on Sunday but open on the week days including Monday. Some small shops will be open on even Sundays especially on the footpath.

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  • A. There are many best restaurants there. Some of them are,
    1.AnnaMaya, New Delhi
    2.Bhaja Govindam,
    3. The Walled City, Cafe and Longue.
    4.Chor Bizzare
    5.Nataraj Dahi Balle Wala,

    B. You will find many cloth stores in this area. Based on the item you like to purchase you can select the shop. You can also bargain rates. Generally, you can get up to 20% discount. This is my personal experience.
    C. Bikaner Sweets and Kamboj Sweet are good sweet shops., There are many other shops and you will get a good variety of sweets are available.
    D. Chandi Chowk is the nearest metro railway station.
    E. Generally, the market starts function around 10 00 AM and by 10 30 all shops start functioning. Throughout the day are open and ger closed around 10 30 PM.
    F. All shops will be working on Monday.

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  • Saravana bhavan of chennai style hotel is in cannaught place. Pure veg Punjabi style puri available in a shop at leftside gully opposite to newdelhi station.

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