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  • Is it correct for a CBSE school to take fees for obtaining a Transfer Certificate?

    Want to know the rules for obtaining a Transfer Certificate when changing a school? Clarify from our ISC experts on this page.

    My son and daughter both are studying in a CBSE School in Pune. I want to transfer him from there and made a request to issue the Transfer Certificate. But the school management demands minimum 25% of the Tuition Fee (works out to INR 3000+ per student) to issue the Transfer Certificate, citing that they are losing the revenue due to discontinuation of one student.

    I want to know: is there such provision available for these schools to claim this way and do we parents have any option/solution to overcome this?
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  • Some schools are resorting to this practice but in my opinion it is not a legally correct thing to exploit the parents on account of losing business. You have to take this matter with the board or office under which this school is falling and show your resentment and reservations about this. If there is a parents association or group, you can meet the concerned authorities about this to impress upon the matter.

    You have to send a written complaint under registered post to the authorities regarding this seeking their intervention to curb this malpractice by the school management.

    In addition to this you please find out if some education ombudsman is available in your area who are in the nature of quasi legal authorities and appointed by the Govt to look after the grievances of the parents. If you get hold of such an authority apprise in writing to him all these details and give a copy of your complaint to him also. Sometimes talking with the ombudsman over these matters helps in finding a solution to the problem.

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  • The private institutions are making rules as per their will and wish. Their main aim is to make money. If the seat is remaining vacant they will not get the fees for the particular seat. So they are demanding that loss from the student. If it is a government school they never demand.

    Personally you go and talk to them they ask you about the fees. If you send a request for TC through registered post with acknowledgement due and keeping a self addressed envelope with stamps inside, they may have to write to you asking for fees. With that document you can approach Distict Education Officer and Mandal Revenue Officer, they may deal the matter with the school. If there is no reply from the school also you contact the same officers with the copy of the letter and acknowledgement received back or with the registered post receipt with a request to do the needful.

    But it will take time for sorting out the total issue. If there is no time you have to meet the school principal and management and talk to them and come to an agreement via media.

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  • No, it is not correct for a CBSE school to demand money to issue transfer certificate. It is totally against the law. If a student is leaving the school due to any reason, it is the duty of the school principal to issue him the school leaving certificate so that he can get the admission in other school. Sometimes school demand nominal charges as they have to go out side the station for counter signature which varies form 200 to 300 INR.

    But a school can not demant 25% of school fees as the seat would be vacant and he can allot this seat to any other students. New studnet will certainly take admission in that school. But the school principal can not demand the parents for the fees.

    You should contact the school principal and tell him to issue the TC, if he demands you the fees again you may contact the collecter or DM of your district and he would certainly look at the matter and will order the school principal to issue the TC.

    So, do not worry and go to school and contact the school principal.

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  • In reference to this thread I was going through few of the others posts being queried or published on some other sites or with the publications but sadly that this is disheartening to acknowledge such facts on the ground more especially when we have financial constraints in fulfilling the same.

    There are CBSE institutions directly administered by the government & there are CBSE affiliated institutions which are working on the CBSE module but on their terms & conditions & therefore the terms & conditions for both are different. While obtaining TC from "CBSE institutions directly administered by the government" would take documentation fees of around Rs. 100/- on approximate the other may go for heavy fees.

    We agreed to different institutions on some terms & conditions and as we are about to get shifted to somewhere else because of whatsoever reasons we bound to comply with those terms & conditions before finally leaving the doors. I want you to pl. have a look to those papers & whether those were mentioned on the agreement. Even then when the things doesn't seems to be moving on your ways then we still are left with the exceptions such as you might still be allowed with no charges considering your 's financial constraints etc.

    Considering your position in context to the demand by the school administration, you can opt for the concern higher regional authorities of the available options but I would request you to pl. don't make it complicated. What we have options is to go for the more information available in the internet or through the consultations or from the other expert opinions in the forum & possibly something would come out positive for you.

  • The demand of the school for the issue of Transfer Certificate is definitely unreasonable. You must try to get the demand in writing and then lodge a complaint along with the written demand to the Directorate of Education of your state.

    But if you are in a hurry and don't want to pursue the issue, you have no other choice except accepting the school's demand. But definitely, the demand is unreasonable and amounts to exploitation of students and guardians.

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  • It is not correct to discuss such atrocities as we ourselves are the culprit for the growth of the similar culture. We ourselves ignore government schools rather we make the government schools and teachers. Only by seeing such schools in person we can realize the reality. We can see poor quality even in big private schools.

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