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  • Amenities to ask builder for row house?

    Have a query about the amenities pertaining to a row house? Wondering what amenities a builder must provide for the internal o worries, scroll through the responses from our ISC experts on this page and prepare a list what to demand from the builder.

    When you are buying row house it is very difficult to check what amenities should a buyer expect. Flats are usually provided with indoor amenities like video com , AC, POP , kitchen chimney, solar.
    Similarly what could be the amenities demanded to a builder for row house internal and external porch area of the house?
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  • It will basically depend on the main layout plan of the society or the housing complex comprising of these row houses. Generally builder will give the details in his offer but if it is early stage of land development and construction is underway then one can check certain things and discuss it with the builder so that he can make his offer more attractive. Other than the facilities and gadgets provided inside the house there are some common points also. The main points to be considered are -

    1. The lanes of the complex should be well developed with rain water passage and at least two gates should be provided in the complex. There should be a narrow entry at the side of the gate so that children and elders can enter through that avoiding the vehicles and cars going through the main gate.

    2. There should be some playing space or small playground where children can play otherwise they will occupy the lanes and create nuisance.

    3. A small park area is a must for the elderly and ladies who can sit there in the evening.

    4. Plantation is to be taken up early so that by the time the people occupy the housing complex, the trees start developing.

    5. Some space is generated in such housing complexes in the corners and lane ends. It should be earmarked for the parking or guest parking.

    6. The builder should give some space between house and the lane so that the resident can keep it green with flowers and other plants.

    7. Cleanliness is also a very important point and each house should have an independent bin outside where they have to keep the garbage till the person comes to collect it. There should not be any common point outside as the garbage may heap there and it will have bad odour in the area.

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  • The following can be asked.
    1. The approval and the construction should be strictly as per the approved plan.
    2. The rain water investing pits planned as approved.
    3. Proper ventilation is to be provided.
    4. A well planned drainage system and electrical street. Lighting is to be arranged as agreed.
    5. A proper greenery should be planned
    6. Play ground for the children area is required.
    7. Required parking arrangements for the visitors vehicles is to be made.
    8. A swimming pool and park is to be arranged in the gated area.
    9. Inside the area the roads should be well made.
    10. Plantation is also very much required and should be asked for.

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  • The terrace in row houses is accessible from all houses. Builders often do not provide high walls on the terrace, to demarcate individual properties. This raises major concerns, as explained below -

    • Privacy – Your neighbours can look into your terrace, without so much as an effort. Without a high wall separating your terrace from your neighbour's terrace, you will always lack privacy.
    • Trespassers – A low wall would allow others to trespass onto your terrace. They could damage your property, they could also freely use your terrace for their own purpose, such as use your clothesline to dry clothes, pinch your clothes clips or use your chairs etc. They could also steal your items.
    • Litter – A low wall between terraces makes it easy for neighbours to throw their trash onto yours.
    • Noise – Children can jump over terrace walls and create a ruckus on your terrace. The constant running of tiny feet can get irritating after a while.
    • Contaminate overhead tank water – Some people have no respect for other people's property and they utilise it as their own. I once had a neighbour who used water from our tank, for construction purpose. This resulted in our tank getting filthy.

    In view of the above, you can request the builder to construct a high wall, on your terrace.

    The next concern is the lack of safety.
    Builders may fail to provide a grill door, from the house to the terrace. The terrace requires a solid door, which is strong and cannot be broken down easily. Most thefts in row houses happen from the terrace. Burglars break into the house from the terrace. So, ask for a grill door, with a proper locking mechanism.

    You may also ask for a fire extinguisher(s). water motor, filter, anti-cockroach drain trap in the bathrooms, grills on windows if not provided and a shed for the car.

  • The builders engaged in making row houses should take take the following points into considerations for the comfort of inhabitants. The points are listed below-
    1) Keeping in view of logging of water in the rainy - reason or otherwise, the accumulation of water has to averted at all costs.
    2) Lighting - arrangement should be made such that there should be flood of lights so as to visible the entire objectives but the intensity should not dazzling one.
    3) A recreation - club for both Sr citizens - males and females should be provided with all the amenities such as Newspapers, Magazines , Indoor - games etc for better recreation.
    4) The children should have separate common - room providing them children magazines, toys and indoor games.
    5) Fire extinguishers should be installed in the row houses in each houses and fire - fighting class should be arranged time to time to make occupants familiar with tacklings the different hazards.
    6) Roads should be made with such concretes which would withstand for the considerable time.

  • Except Juana I did not see relevant answer. I need specific amnesties w.r.t. to row house not for society. Again please give details about what builder can provide inside row house and surrounding of your row house within your compound.

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  • Another thing that the builder can be requested to provide is meshed windows. Mosquitoes, flies and other bugs are menaces that you have to deal with, in our tropical conditions. These days sliding windows are in vogue and most builders use these in their projects. You can ask the builder to provide a sliding mesh on all windows. These looks neater than fixing a mosquito mesh using Velcro.

    The sliding mesh windows come with an extra track, over which the mesh window slides. Alternatively, a pull-down mesh can be requested. While you are at it, also ask for a similar feature in the balcony and patio doorways. The builder might not agree to provide this at his expense, in which case you can pay the extra cost. Having these features installed while the house is being constructed will save you a lot of trouble later.

    Check the floor plan and see if you want to make any changes internally. The layout of the kitchen, light fixtures, plug points (you may want extra plug points) etc. You might want a bigger room, for instance, the builder will accommodate if it does not involve a load bearing wall. You might not want a storeroom or a puja room, in which case the wall can be done away with to give you more space in the living area.

    Make sure that the site is not in a low-lying area. That would lead to waterlogging in the rainy season. Have the builder raise the level, if it is.

    The next feature is a must have – get the builder to fix a door saddle, especially on the doors, leading outside, on the ground floor. This will keep away creepy crawlies from entering your home. You can have him fixed steel or granite door saddles.

  • A separate pipe connection for water purifier in the kitchen should be there. It creates a real mess to connect water purifier if a separate connection is not given.
    As you are asking you a row house, you can check the electric/power pins the builder has in plan and can change the same as per your requirement. Nowadays, we use so many electronic gadgets and many times we find the shortage of pawer pins (I am personally experiencing this).
    You can ask for a proper grill with small gaps in windows and balcony/ attached terrace (if it is there in the plan) as grills with broad gaps are risky especially for a family with small kids. Many times, the builder does not include the grills in the plan, so it is advisable to check the same in advance.
    You may ask for a water pipeline connect in the porch area. This will be helpful in gardening, cleaning of the vehicle, etc.

    In the toilet, the concealed flush tank is better which saves spaces and even the cleaning gets easier.


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