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  • How to correct misspelt name in transfer certificate?

    Are you facing a mistake in transfer certificate? Looking out for how to make the correction and get admission in a college? Here, on this page you can get advice from our ISC experts on how to get the correction done.

    I dropped my college after 1st year to join another course. I recently got TC from my college. My name was misprinted with an extra i. My 12th TC and mark sheet have correct name.
    How can I change it?
    I need it soon because I have to get admission in another college.
    How long will it take?
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  • The correct way of doing it is to get the corrected transfer certificate from your earlier college and submit it here. If that is a time taking process then you can give an undertaking in your new college that this is a printing/ typing mistake and as other details are matching, you will be submitting the corrected certificate in 3 months time. So they will give you provisional admission based on the undertaking and then you can get the corrected certificate from your earlier college and submit it here.

    In case, your new college insists for it and does not accept the undertaking then ask them whether they will accept a legal affidavit in the matter. In that case you can give a legal affidavit countersigned by a notary public (a lawyer who is authorised as a notary public).

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  • The transfer certificate will be given by the college in which you have studied. The mistake is done at the college level. When they issued it you might have verified the same immediately and you might have got it corrected there itself.
    The new college where you are joining will not stop your admission for the sake of this mistake. You can get the admission done by giving an undertaking that the spelling mistake is done by the issuing authority and with in three months you will submit the corrected document.
    Then you can contact your old college and give a letter in writing asking for the correction in your certificate. Then they will get it corrected and issue the correct TC.
    If you follow up with the administrative office there your work can be completed with in a few days so that there will not be any problem for your admission for the new college.

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  • Any error occurred in the transfer - certificate issued by the previous college is not the fault of the candidate and as such in the admission process this would not cause any impediment in the admission procedure.
    However, it might be possible that you have overlooked the error that crept in the typing or writing. The error could not be detected from your end sponteniouly and as such timely rectification could not be effected.
    Once you intend to take admission in your desired college, give them an undertaking that corrected certificate would be submitted within three months and then you have to write an application to tye Principal of the previous college stating the error crept in the transfer certificate and personally request him to do a favour to issue a corrected transfer certificate in lieu of the old one containing error.
    I think within a couple days, your problem will be resolved in your favour.

  • To correct the Transfer Certificate received from a college is relatively easy. You have to visit the college with an application requesting correction of the mistakes. You have to submit supporting evidence like Xth and Xth certificates, AADHAR Card, PAN Card, Voter Id Card and/or any document of the college (College Identity Card), etc. This will be done without any hassle.

    If the college is a private college, it may demand some nominal fee for correcting the Transfer Certificate and issuing a fresh (corrected) one.

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  • In olden days it was very difficult to get such mistakes corrected. But now it is an easy one and such rectification is a must as the delay causes to wider usage and it becomes very difficult to get corrected at every level. It is advised to contact the concerned officer with the document with the correct name for correction. It should be IN PERSON and not through post or anything.

  • The transfer certificate is issued by the principal of the college. If there is a misprint in the transfer certificate then you should contact the principal of the college and tell him to correct it. The college principal will consider scholar register your 10 and 12th mark sheet and he will correct accordingly.

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